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Zip Locksmith is a leading locksmith company that has collaborated with VirtualWay as an exclusive system installer in Washington.

VirtualWay is an ingenious security management system, that provides a selection of security options to management companies, gated communities, commercial and residential buildings. The Virtual Front Door and Virtual Front Gate services allow complete control and personalized security to users. With the VirtualWay Front Door and Gate Keeper it gives residents access, screens visitors, service providers and deliveries, which, based upon your residents’ instructions are approved or denied.

The benefits of virtual front door and gate keeper:
  • Always keep an eye on strategic areas
  • It brings peace of mind to residents
  • You always know who enters and leaves the premises
  • You never miss a package or mail
  • It can be operated from virtually anywhere
  • It increases the overall property value

Services provided for buildings Virtual Front Door

Virtual Front Door has practically replaced the traditional doorman. It has an innovative technology that allows residents access to buildings through sure-fire facial recognition and user-friendly management software. You can oversee slated visitors and deliveries without the slightest disturbance. A cutting-edge push notification system will alert you when unscheduled visits show up and let you approve or disapprove entrance. Besides, Virtual Front Door frees users from keeping the door open when accepting deliveries or visitors. Virtual Front Door allows you to manage all these situations from your mobile devices with the slightest of efforts. In this sense, deliveries and visitors will experience security to your exact specifications. Additionally, it offers a remarkable concierge service; this service does not have any additional cost. Virtual Front Door is nothing less than an ingenious security solution for your personal needs.


Virtual Gate Keeper

It is important to keep in mind that your safety is a 24-hour investment. Virtual Front Gate makes sure your gated community has the necessary protection. Residents have access to their community in a safe and secure way. Through a central monitoring station, you allow or not, entrance to visitors and deliveries. Virtual Front Gate also allows residents receive notifications when scheduled or unscheduled guests arrive. This technology enables you to access video data records to guarantee your security 24/7.

In order to get Virtual Front Door and Virtual Gate Keeper installation in Washington, call Zip Locksmith or get a quote online. Leave your building or home information and we will help you determine which services are suitable for you.

The Virtual Front Door or Virtual Gatekeeper equipment will be installed, or we will modify your existing equipment.

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