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Holtzman is the president of Zip Locksmith. His passion to provide the best locksmith services developed from a young age, and emanated from unfortunate experiences involving a break-in in his family home.

He got his degree at Washington State in Engineering and since then he learned all about traditional but also current practices in the field of security. Continuously researching the best cutting-edge techniques to carry out each job, he is the go to guy in the whole of Washington. Under his leadership, we have consulted banking institutions, large residential compounds and myriads of individuals.

In his spare time he trains in Krav Maga, cooks delicious meals for his family and you might find him skiing in a nearby slope.


Roger is the co-founder of Zip Locksmiths. He is the head of the security department and oversees daily operations. His knowledge in computer systems enables us to consult high-end facilities and clients that require special attention and complex surveillance systems.  Roger’s meticulousness gives us the opportunity to confidently tackle any project. When he is not dealing with access control systems, and detailed threat reports, he will be mostly training our technicians in the headquarters.

His personality is the cornerstone of what makes Zip Locksmiths special. He is definitely a people’s person and his long-standing experience in the field ensures that our values are eventually shared to our newest recruits.

It is safe to say that Roger loves Washington more than himself. A few years ago he was given the opportunity to leave our state for beautiful Florida as his expertise was deemed invaluable to a security services firm there. He opted not to go and keep skyrocketing Zip Locksmiths to the top! (We are thankful for his choice!)


Richard joined the team in early 2012. Since then, he has grown to be an invaluable member of our team. He supervises all things locksmith-related from sourcing our products to sales. In the past he used to work in construction for 7 years and established a vast network of contacts and connections. His work-ethic is second to none and honest hard-work is what he craves for on a daily basis.

Richard has received training in intercommunications and CCTV systems via a plethora of seminars. When he is not busy providing real value for us he likes to work out and pamper his iguana, Captain Versatile.


Luke is the Technician Supervisor at Zip Locksmiths, he was welcomed to our locksmith team in the beginning of 2013. He has been professionally trained in locksmith needs anywhere from business to home. One of his main priorities is customer satisfaction, he strives to make sure the company reaches 100% every time. He is the go to man when anyone needs help to find a solution to their locksmith problem.  He is trained in Intercom/ CCTV solutions but doesn’t just do the repairs on the product. He can install a brand new system for you. When he is not solving all the problems he gets his hands on every day, he enjoys fishing, hiking, and meeting new people. He can definitely solve any Intercom/CCTV related problem you may have.


Craig has worked 6 years as a locksmith technician. He has amazing feedback when it comes to the service he provides to his customers. He works very hard and tries to make sure the customers he provides service to are 100% satisfied. Craig has a lot of different experience both locksmith related and otherwise. He is very respectable to his customers and really looks forward to helping the ones that come to Zip Locksmith.

Craig had owned his own property many times and understood the difficulties of being without the knowledge of locksmiths when you get locked out or need a service that only a professional locksmith could provide. So he decided to train and join the locksmith family at Zip Locksmith. He works very hard and some would say that he is a workaholic. He is very smart and understanding to what a customer may need this makes him the guy to call when customers have security issues.

Craig is known for his common sense, honesty and the fact that he doesn’t beat around the bush when he is assisting his clients. “Craig is so amazing! As soon as I called Zip Locksmith they sent Craig out to my house to change all the locks when I could not find my spare house key that was under my welcome mat. When Craig came to my house he was so nice and very considerate of my situation and even helped me to find a more secure hiding place for my spare key. Whenever someone I know needs any kind of lock related solutions I tell them about Craig at Zip Locksmith.” says Bailey C.


Jerry is a locksmith technician who is experienced in everything from remote locks to CCTV as well as many others. He has brought a lot of information and experience to Zip Locksmiths. He knows exactly how to fix most the problems that his customers need fixing. If he doesn’t know the solution right away that is just a chance to show off his problem-solving skills. He likes to talk with his customers and really enjoys helping the fix the lock related problems they could be having. He is very hard working, compassionate, and very fun to be around. He is professional and experienced. So when Jerry shows up no one can go wrong!

Jerry loves to spend time with his family and his 3 children when he isn’t striving to bring you amazing customer satisfaction. He has many years of experience and he is known to be very trustworthy and hardworking which will guarantee he will do the job right.


Steve is an experienced professional locksmith with training in machinery as well. He is one of the top technicians at Zip Locksmith where we strive in professionalism that he shows to each and every customer he helps. Sandra K. of Washington State says, “Steve is the locksmith that helped us install up to date security features in our new home and we could not be happier with the level of professionalism and service we received. As well as all the knowledge we gain as Steve walked us through the processes all the way from installation to the finished product. I will recommend Zip Locksmiths to anybody that I hear of needing any lock or security system repair or installation. We couldn’t have been more satisfied with the technicians and the company as a whole.”


Our technician George joined the team in the very early part of 2014. He specializes in roll up garage doors as well as many other services that our locksmiths provide. He has more than 8 years’ experience as in residential locksmith installation as well as service. He also has just as many years of experience in commercial locksmith service. He has been an avid builder for many years and knows how to determine the way a problems should be solved as well as figuring out how to do it. In his time away from Zip Locksmith he loves to spend time with his family and travel to exotic locations a few times a year. He loves to make sure that his customers feel like just as much a part of his family as he can provide. If you need a technician on the spot then George will be there right away.


James is not only a technician but he prevails as a customer satisfaction representative. He will be the one that makes sure you are completely satisfied with your service. If you come into one of our locations looking for tools or anything else you may need for your home security James would be the guy you call on.  James has been working for Zip Locksmith for almost 3 years and has many years in customer satisfaction before joining our team. He is an amazing leader when it comes to helping people solve a problem and making sure that everything in our stores is running smoothly. In his spare time, he likes to ride his bike, hike, go four wheeling, as well as sit back and relax while he’s fishing. He works very hard and is very eager to become an even more experienced technician. Every day he strives to learn new techniques, strategies, and solutions.


Paul came into Zip Locksmith in late 2013 and he was invited right into our striving team. He not only see’s what our company can do for you to service your security needs, but he knows how you need to feel secure when the job is done. He has had many years’ experience in customer satisfaction as well as professional training with years of experience as a locksmith technician. He is not only a technician who will come to your home and assist you in your locksmith solutions but he will also be in the store to help you understand everything that you may need when you come in to see us. Having such a strong background in communications, he fell right into the role as an in-store technician and customer service representative. He is very hardworking and can get the job done in a safe and timely fashion. As well as guarantee that you are satisfied with a job well done. Paul loves to spend time with his family and his dogs in his spare time. As well as go to concerts and movies.


Grace is our splendid office manager at Zip Locksmith. She joined our family almost 3 years ago and has been building it ever since. She has quite a few years’ experience in management as well as customer satisfaction. If need one of our technicians and you call our store she is more than likely the friendly voice that will be on the other side of the phone.  She oversees many employees ranging from technicians to retail associates. She is a very organized person that we sometimes joke with her about just how organized she is. She is very capable of multi-tasking and making sure things get done and that they get done to 100% satisfaction.

When she is not being the center point of Zip Locksmith she loves to spend time with her family and enjoys going new places. She also loves to be pampered and loves to shop.


Maggie walked into our family almost 5 years ago and hasn’t stopped helping every since. Maggie is a very empathetic person and understands the stress and responsibility that goes into keeping your family and your possessions safe. This woman loves to talk but she does it in a very loving and professional manner. She is the perfect dispatcher when it comes to her communication skills. She is always professional and straight to the point. Maggie is a very easy person to understand her mannerisms when she speaks to you. She also helps the office manager when it comes to administrative work.

She loves anything to do with fitness and healthy eating. She goes hiking and exploring in her free time.


Ana is a very personable and eccentric person who has many years in customer satisfaction. She has helped each one of our team members grow in many different ways. She is a very good leader and has a very caring personality as well. She treats nobody as a stranger. She loves to interact with all of our customers with very in-depth conversations to figure out exactly what needs they may need to have fixed by our technicians. She helps with some of the administrative duties as well. She has gone to school for many different professions and we are lucky to have her as a part of our team with everything that she has to add to it.

In her free time, she loves to go sailing, fishing, and hiking. In fact, if it is outdoors she will probably try it at least once.


Kim helps with most of the other administrative duties as well as helping to be a dispatcher. She helps our financial department. Kim joined our team about 2 years ago and has been helping it grow and improve ever since. Every day is a learning experience for her. She is an experience customer satisfaction representative with many years of trained experience. She has a very charismatic personality and can brighten the darkest days. Kim will make sure that whatever job you need done, it is completed with 100% satisfaction and that Zip Locksmith will be the company you call for all your security needs.

Amanda loves to sit outside and soak up the sun when she can. As well as spending time with her family and taking vacations to a new place every time.


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