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You might encounter several reasons for needing lock re-keying. If you need to re-key any door in your office building, Zip Locksmith is the number one option for this job. We are available 24/7 and are able to re-key any lock. We can re-key doors, windows, cabinets, gates, and more. Besides, we have what we need for the job. We have at our disposal a vast variety of tools to solve your re-keying problems. we have mortise wrenches, mortise sockets, plug holders, locksmith’s table vises, swivel head vacuum vises, graphite guns and all other important tools that facilitate our job in order to give you the best solutions.


Can you think of any reason for needing your locks re-keyed? We sure can. If you happen to have lost your key, someone stole it from you o you simply cannot remember where you placed it last, it is a good idea to contact a locksmith to re-key your lock. However, these are not the only reasons to have your locks re-keyed. If you are moving your company to a new building, you should not take the safety of your assets so lightly. Under this circumstance, you should also hire a locksmith. Whenever you feel it is necessary to improve your business security, you should call a locksmith company to do it for you and finally, if you are remodeling, upgrading or updating your locks, then you should find a good locksmith. However, you should not hire any locksmith; Zip Locksmith knows what is best for you. Get in contact with us and we will give you the best solutions.


Why should you choose us as your locksmith company? Because only our awesome and reliable services guarantee the best results. No other company can compete with our prices on key duplication or key replacement. Our locksmiths are trained and use the best tools. We have been awarded the BBB. Our job is reliable and we work faster than any other company. There really is no other option when it comes to choosing locksmith companies in Washington; we are simply the best and live to serve you.

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