Zip Locksmith is here to meet all intercom needs in the Washington area.

An intercom is an extra security feature that makes your home or apartment safer. They not only let you decide who comes in or out of your home, but you will also live in a safer environment.


We have a great selection of intercoms, so you will be able to find one or two that meet your requirements. You can choose from Audio, Video, and Audio/Video Intercoms. We also have simpler voice only versions, or the much popular and advanced video intercom that allows you to interact with visitors better. Zip Locksmith Company has the best intercom brands, such as Door king, Linear, Apple Core, AIphone, and Newton. Washington personnel are trained and perfectly able to install any model and brand, as they are trained with the most up-to-date technology. Should you need to consult us, do not doubt, come and we will explain anything you need to know about our products.


There are different installation options when it comes to Intercoms; you can have a receiver in several rooms of your home or just one at the door. You can also choose between wired or wireless options depending on the house layout. It is preferable to install wired intercoms in large buildings and commercial venues due to their resistance to interference. Wireless options are more versatile and can be used in residential environments without a problem. Our technicians will install any intercom system properly and never leave your place until you understand how to operate all of its features.

Our Washington Locksmith technicians are always up-to-date with the latest technology. Our latest video intercoms allow users to visually identify guests, which add an extra degree of security. It is also possible to integrate your intercom system with other home security devices. This is the ultimate security solution for your home or business.


First, we have a wide variety of intercoms which include the latest video and audio intercoms in the market.

Second, we will install intercoms anywhere in Washington including residential homes, commercial buildings, apartments, and offices.

Third, the intercoms are installed by trained professionals.

Finally, Zip Locksmith is happy to help you, our professionals will help you with any questions you have about our products.

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