An intercommunication device works like a private phone system. It has two or more phones depending on how many devices you install to increase the security of your business. They are a great addition to other measures available to secure your building and its premises. You will be able to identify visitors audibly and/or visually and authorize or deny their entrance. If integrated with an access control system, your doors can be electrically locked or unlocked and you are able to control them remotely; no need to get up and go to the entrance in order to check the door. It can save you some money on private security expenses.


We know there are multiple building designs and numerous needs and requirements. However, Zip Locksmith has different intercom solutions in order to meet all your expectations. Depending on your necessities and/or budget, we can arrange for a simple voice-only intercom, which allows you to answer calls from anywhere inside the building. Or we can install a much more advanced and modern intercom which will enable you to have remote face to face conversations with visitors and employees anywhere they are. Our Locksmiths in Washington work with the best brands in the industry; Doorking, Linear, Apple Core, Aiphone and Newton are some of the brands we have for you. All our technicians are expertly trained and are able to install the most advanced intercom or security device without a problem. If you are not sure about what to get for your business, we will gladly give you all the information you need and provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of each of our brands and models.


Intercoms keep you connected to almost every area of your company building, including the front door. It is important that the installation is done very carefully to avoid technical malfunctions and to make sure they are completely functional. The first step is very simple; you have to decide whether you are going to install a wired or a wireless intercom. Once you have made your choice, you have to decide where you want the master station and substations to be installed. Then you will need to measure the amount of intercom cable you are going to need in order to connect the substations to the master station and finally, decide if you are going to leave the wires behind walls, over the ceilings or on the walls. Zip Locksmiths know all this and are willing to guide you through the whole process. They can give you information regarding the recommended height for the installation of the stations, best brands or best cable types.


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