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Our front door is the first line of protection of our residences, and most of them come with a decent cylinder lock that helps us keep unwanted visitors away. Unfortunately, most common locks in our houses can be opened with nondestructive techniques like the popular bumping or fiddling with lock picks for a few minutes. That´s right, now anyone with 20$ can get a bumping kit online and start opening doors in a matter of seconds. There are of course higher security locks that are more difficult to open, but they can also be breached with the use of lock picks (which is a bit tougher of course than just bumping).
Home invasions and break-ins are commonly associated with these techniques. Because they are really easy to learn, and are available for anyone with access to Youtube, there has been an increase of events where criminals just insert a house key into a lock and bump it, instantly gaining access to private properties and premises. And this problem is just getting bigger.
Fortunately, there are people in this world working to guarantee your safety, and we at Washington Locksmiths feel you must have the best protection available for your house. The guys at EVVA have created this great lock cylinder that can really protect your home against break-in attempts using bumping keys or lock picks. They created a way to position especially magnetized pills at the sides of the key that, when inserted, change the position of eight magnetic rotors located inside the cylinder. This system is called MCS technology and works extremely well against bumping and pick locks because the cylinder does not have pins that can be manipulated. The cylinder then is still mechanical, but it has nothing to bump or pick, so you can rest assured that no bored teenager will be able to enter your house.
If you want to know more about this and other security solutions that could protect you against common thieves without having to break the bank, come and visit our store and ask our experts about the best security solutions in the market. We guarantee that you will get the best solutions for your home or business.

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