Getting a Good Safe

Many people do not think of getting a good safe at home because they think their valuable things and documents are never going to get lost, or maybe, the vault at the bank can offer the best protection. However, there are things that are better to hold at home and protected from accidents or misplacements.

Safes are the best way to have your jewelry, money, guns, documents and even valuable collectibles protected even if you have you home protected by best locksmith in Seattle. They also come in different sizes and peril protection so you can choose the best one for your household or business.
Now, let´s assume you pondered all your risks for a couple of minutes and you realized you needed a safe to protect some of your most important assets. Now, which one should you buy?


Most Secure Home Safe

This is not a very hard thing to do. The traditional method is to put all the things you need to get into a safe together in a pile and measure it. Our best sellers are the 1.2 or 1.3 cubic feet safes. These can hold an inch high stack of documents with ease. People also like to buy gun safes to keep their firearms protected from heat, while knowing no one can touch them.

Then you have to choose the peril. Most people buy safes that are fireproof. It is maybe because, according to the National Fire Protection Association, everyone has a one in four chance of being in a household fire situation that might warrant calling the fire department. Fireproof safes will protect your valuable documents, films, CDs, DVDs and sensitive data from extreme heat.


How to choose a good safe with us

The next risk to be considered is burglary. There are different protection ratings for these depending on how many minutes a safe can withstand an attack with common tools. Normally a safe can endure 15 minutes before they are opened. It does not seem like much, but remember that burglars want to get in and out as fast as they can. Safes, even small ones, are heavy, so a thief might prefer to stuff their hands with laptops and cameras, than with a single safe. Moreover, they can be bolted down or anchored in walls or floors.


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