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Everyone experiences problems with keys. Getting locket out of your car, home or workplace is a common occurrence, and faulty or worn out locks can cause as much trouble as a missing key. Nevertheless, you should never try to deal with these problems yourself or let unqualified people tinker with your locks. It could end up costing more time and money than a professional and timely solution.

Your problems need not become bigger than what they are. Besides, your daily schedule is very important for having to deal with only one problem for the rest of the day.


Everett Locksmith professionals are the experts you should look for when having any problem related to keys and locks.They possess the most recent and up-to date technology, that will help you solve any issues related to lockouts and malfunctioning locks. Call us any time, no matter if it is your car, your workplace, or your home. We are always ready and willing to go right where you are. We have the most qualified staff in the area. Remember that only credited locksmiths should be able to manipulate your valued locks and security system if you do not want to put yourself and your family at risk.They will always find the root of the problem and have it solved in a few minutes.

Everett locksmith professionals are the most reliable experts in the area.We will be always ready whenever you need fast and cost efficient locksmith services. Our professionals and specialists are always up to the task. Our mission is to make this the best town to make business and live quiet lives. We encourage you to always be in touch with your local locksmiths so you know you can trust them anytime you might need them. Do not wait until the last minute. If you keep contact with our friendly specialists, they can offer vital advice that could help you avoid many problems with your locks and keys.

Speed and efficiency is our motto. We offer emergency and around the clock mobile solutions to our customers. Everett Locksmith professionals will put their spot-on accuracy, speed and efficiency to your service. We believe your safety comes first. With their customer-oriented training, our technicians will always make sure you get the best service and solutions tailored to your needs. Be it your home, your workplace or your vehicle, our specialists will go where you are and deal promptly with any problem you might have. If you need any information regarding our expertise, training, services and products, it is never too late to call. We will be more than happy to assist you. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.


What is our main objective? We want your home, workplace or business venue to become a safer place. We believe your safety is something that should be taken seriously. You should never let your safety, or the safety of the ones you care about, in the hands of total strangers. Only licensed locksmiths can be trusted when it comes to any safety measure you acquire. A lock is a precision piece of equipment that should never be handled by anyone without the appropriate qualifications. Your locks could be compromised if an unqualified individual tampers with it, and it could cause it to malfunction or even harm it permanently. There are many who say they are locksmith. If someone offers to help you with any problem your locks have, ask him for the appropriate credentials. Make sure he wears the logo of the company he works for and has a valid license to operate. It is important that you are familiar with the locksmith in your area so you know who can operate your locks and your trusted security system without damaging it.

Anytime you have a lockout emergency, or are in need of urgent assistance, make sure to call Everett professional locksmiths. They will put their professional skills to your disposition as soon as you call them. It does not matter how big your problem is. Maybe you have problems accessing vital areas in your workplace, or you have a malfunctioning lock. Maybe you simply misplaced your key. No problem. Feel totally free to contact us to have your problem solved efficiently and in the shortest time. Everett Professional Locksmith emergency lock-out service will be there for you any time of the day 365 days a year.

The best advice you can get from an experienced locksmith to avoid future lockout scenarios is to get used to always put your keys in one place. Giving your keys a special location at home lets you keep track of them without effort, as you always know where you put them. It should be a place close to the front door, so you get used to emptying your pockets as soon as you get home. This will help you save time as you will never have to look for your keys again. That is one less thing to worry about. This will also help you save money and time as you won´t need the services of a locksmith as often.

Any locksmith will agree that keeping your home, family and property safe, means having an up-to-date protection. There is no better way to guarantee you and your family are all safe at all times. Always be sure to consult our experts. They can offer the advice you need to improve your residential and commercial security systems so you don´t have to worry about undesirable security breaches. Every year, many new options for improving your home security become available. The market offers seemingly infinite options, and maybe you don´t seem able to choose the best among them. Don´t worry, our experts will be happy to let you know what the best options in the market are, and which is the most adequate for your home and business. Remember that we have your best interests in mind and would like nothing better than to make you feel safe at all times. Our customer oriented specialists will always have your concern, specific requirements and budget in consideration.

Do not hesitate to contact our expert team. We are always ready and willing to assist you, and will be more than happy to answer all your questions related to our services and rates.


There are not many things in life worse than getting yourself locket out of your home or office. Your agenda for the day gets completely ruined. And it might get worse, as this could even mean that you waste away a whole day of work. Luckily, Professional Locksmithsat Everett offer emergency services that work around the clock, even on weekends. Time is never an issue for our expert locksmiths if what you need is your door opened with haste. They will arrive as soon as humanly possible, and your lock will be open in no more than five minutes. Contact our locksmiths at Everett any time, and forget about breaking a window when you get locked out.


Professional locksmiths in Everett are always ready to help.  There are no small issues when it comes to helping you. If you left your keys inside your car, or you got locket out of your office, they won´t hesitate to give you a hand. The best and only way to solve this frequent issue without having to resort to costly alternatives, is to call your trusted locksmith. Keep calm while a locksmith from Everett helps you save your time and money. Remember, professional locksmiths are always more cost efficient than replacing a window or having to replace a lock because you tampered with it. Do not get yourself into any additional trouble. Our locksmiths will bend over backwards to see that you go back on schedule without having any additional delays.


Having a spare key is something everyone should think of. That is why our Professional locksmithsat Everett are always prepared to provide you with a new set of keys no matter where you are. You might forget your keys at a friend´s house, or they could get lost on a trip. Never get yourself locked out again. Duplicates will save you from the hassle of having to call a locksmith. Just have a duplicate done by one of our experts, and place it in a convenient location in your house where it can be easily retrieved by any member of your family when the time comes. This will save you time and money as you won´t face a lock out emergency.


The fear of having your car stolen is something no one should experience. If you think someone might have made a duplicate of your ignition key, or you lost it where someone could have taken it, the best solution is to re-key your ignition´s lock cylinder. Professional locksmith Mountain Terrace have the best equipment and extensive knowledge to ensure your ignition has a perfect and fast re-keying. Our locksmiths will make sure you are the only one who has access to your car, providing you with an extra set of keys just in case. We offer the best and most efficient solution, ensuring that you and your car are safe.


Home and business lockouts are among the most frequent accidents. Finding out you left the keys inside when you get home at night, or go to your office early in the morning, can turn any day into a nightmare. However, you must know you have an emergency locksmith available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You do not need to close for the day or break those expensive windows just to get inside your home. Professional locksmiths Everett will send a specialist right away to help you open the door in no more than five minutes. He will also make duplicates, or re-key your door in case you need it. There will always be someone prepared to help you enter your home or workplace without having to waste your valuable time.

Forget about spending the night out, damaging your door or lock, or breaking a window. There is no need for that when you get yourself locked out, or when you have problems with your locks. Our experts at Everett are always ready and at your disposition, and will help you solve all your problems without a hassle. Your keys will be back in your hands shortly, and you will enter your house or be driving home in less than five minutes. Call your local locksmith any time and make the right choice. There is no need to pay extra money for changing a window in the morning or for having damaged your lock.


People might want to have a lock for different reasons. However, commercial establishments have very specific requirements and conditions that must be met by your trusted locksmith. Everett locksmith knows exactly how to meet all your safety needs having the special conditions of your commercial venue in mind. The widest variety of locks and security solutions are all at your disposition, even those specially designed for commercial shops, warehouses, financial businesses, factories and even institutions such as schools or medical facilities. We take into account all your corporate requirements and the specific needs of your personnel. Locksmiths specialized in the commercial branch are experts that study the needs of your business making sure you always get the best solutions for your doors, gates and security checkpoints.  Nothing is out of our scope, from combination locks to complete biometric systems, our experts can satisfy all your needs bringing their expertise and the right tools for the job. Our locksmith also offer reparation and maintenance of your old locks as well.


Size is not an issue for professional locksmiths Everett. Our specialists provide service to the widest range business venues. Every business has specific needs that have to be addressed and vital zones that need protection. Our locksmiths are the most qualified to find the best solutions when it comes to protect the heart and the soul of your business. Nothing in your business can be left out of your protection. Important documents, precise machinery, goods and wares, and the safety of those who rely on you. Everett locksmiths are there to offer the widest range of options for your business and commercial venues. If you´re looking for locks, padlocks, electronic or biometric systems for your front door, storerooms or basement, there is no other place to find them.


Making extra sets of keys should never be a problem. Professional locksmiths Everett are always at your disposition whenever you need to make copies or duplicates of your keys. Never fear again for the loss or misplacement of your keys. Because this is one of the most common issues you may encounter, we understand the needs of the commercial community. In a business, many people hold keys to important areas of their workplace. This increases the odds of a key getting lost. And you should never underestimate the possibility of a business lock-out. These inconveniences, although difficult to prevent, should always be taken into account because they cost you valuable time and can really upset your already busy agenda. We recommend always having the contact numbers of Locksmiths in Everett in case you need assistance with these issues. They offer the best solutions in the market, as well as the most cost-efficient service you can find in the area. Their knowledge and extensive experience is precisely what you need to avoid any more problems other alternatives you might think of. We guarantee that your business will be open and running again in no time.

Regardless of the model, you should call our professional locksmiths in case of malfunctioning digital locks, or forgotten key codes. We can help you retrieve the code and regain normal access to any area in no time.


Locks are precision devices that require constant care and service. But they are also exposed to wear and tear due to excessive use, rust, or even attempts to violate them. Many outdated locks also cause problems as they start jamming with time. Professional Locksmiths Everett offer you the fastest and most reliable service. Old locks can start working like new again if they are properly serviced by our experts. A smooth lock is the best guarantee that you can be safe in your property. Do not hesitate to call us anytime you feel a lock needs maintenance or if you feel the key is not entering smoothly. We can make it shine again or even replace it with a new lock.


Everett locksmiths are the best when it comes to changing outdated or damaged locks. Even if you want a whole new security system at your workplace, there are no better specialists in town for the job. Years of expertise and the most up-to-date hardware and tools are all at one phone call away. No job is impossible or too complex for our locksmiths for they have received rigorous training to meet the new standards of the trade. There are no secrets for them when it comes to locks and safety systems for your home and business.


As the one in charge of a prosper business, you have a great responsibility in your hands. The safety of your company and those who work with you are in your hands, so you must never leave it to chance. You should have total knowledge of who can access the most important areas of the workplace and the professional locksmiths in Everett can provide you with state-of-the-art security system such as personalized master keys and master suites tailored to the needs and size of your venue. This will give you total control to the access of any area that requires special protection. Master keys enable you to lock any location for others until you use it.

Contact us and ask for our services online. Our commercial locksmiths will be available at any time for you in case you need re-keying, supplicates or replacements for your business. These services are totally online.

  • Code-based key cutting for any area.
  • Master Keys and suites.
  • Keys with protection against copies and duplicates.
  • Custom made keys, only with owner´s authorization.


Everett business solutions:

  1. Locks of any kind (custom key, biometric, code based)
  2. Custom and programmable master keys
  3. Installation and servicing
  4. 24/7 emergency call center


This scene may sound familiar to you: After a long day of work, you want to go home before it gets darker and colder around you. You walk to the parking lot, searching your jacket pockets looking for your car keys. You start worrying as you go from your jacket to your pants, slowly realizing you might have left them accidentally inside your car. You look through the window and see the keys right on the ignition. Without any possibility of reaching them, you think of breaking the window so you can get them, but you do not like the idea. Car window replacement is not cheap. Besides, you would be creating yet another problem. This awful and common situation can happen at any time. Your time as well as your money are very important. Think of this before doing something you might later regret. You better contact your local vehicle locksmith.


When you are locked out of your vehicle, it does not matter if you are in your office parking lot or your home garage, the best you can do is to call your local locksmith. Hold the impulse of breaking a window, damaging your lock or walking long distances without your car for the rest of the day. If you live in Everett, call the Professional Locksmiths of Everett. They will assist you promptly, no matter where you happen to be. Save time and money, by requesting their professional and fast services. Locksmiths in Everett offer you the most efficient and cost effective service in the area. They are specifically trained in opening locked cars and trucks, and always have the right tools to do it. Breaking a window or walking home are not the best solutions as they would cost you time and money. A professional locksmith is your best choice if you take your time and money seriously. Let them help you return home without any worries.


Locksmiths in Everett can create new sets of car or home keys for you without a problem. Next time you find yourself locked out of your car or vehicle, fetch your extra key to avoid the hassle of calling a locksmith. Do not let the idea of breaking a window cross your mind again. Keep your extra set of keys somewhere safe, so when you´re locked out, a member of your family can go get them for you and hand them to you wherever you are. Having extra keys is an important safety measure. It will help you save valuable time and money, as you won´t have to call any locksmith services as often. If you cannot find your keys but need to ride your car, these extra keys will be of great value whenever you do not want to spend time searching for your keys.


Losing your car keys is not the only thing that could happen. There is always a chance that someone seized them. People frequently leave their keys in crowded places, or someone can just take them from an unsuspecting diner at a restaurant. This could put your life and valuable possessions at risk. Professional locksmiths of Everett are what you need to change the lock cylinders of your car´s ignition, or your front door without a hassle. Your peace of mind is in good hands. The feeling someone could have taken your keys, or could have made a duplicate can be disturbing. Ask our specialists to have your security locking system modified today. Forget about someone breaking into your home while you´re sleeping or away at work. With a professional lock system installed, those are things of the past. New locks always give you a feeling of relief and safety.

Getting locked out of your home or car should no longer be something to be worried about. The locksmiths in Everett will arrive shortly after you call them, guaranteeing that all the necessary assistance and tools will be at your disposition. Soon, your keys will be where they belong while you forget you ever had a problem today. Our services are all cost efficient, and will always beat the price of getting a window replaced if you break it or your lock repaired if you tamper with it. If you ever find yourself locked out, do not hesitate to give us a phone call. It will be all you need to save your precious time and money.


Your home and all your valuable possessions are all mostly protected by a single thing: a lock. Workplaces, homes, cars, and almost every kind of buildings need locks to help keep intruders out, and all your belongings safe. But every place has specific needs. Residential locks are specifically and aesthetically designed for daily use and comfort while providing safety. Everett Locksmiths are the experts in the industry, and when ever there’s any kind of problem with your home locks, they are the ones you should call. Maybe you want to fix your broken locking mechanism, or you just misplaced the key to your workplace. Damaged or old locks might need fixing or maintenance. Everett Locksmiths offer you all the residential locksmith solutions the market can offer.


Usually, the best way to have a sound sleep is tomake sure all our important things are safe, and our home is secure. Good locks make this possible as they secure windows and entrance doors, protecting your sleeping time. Some of your belongings are also outside your main house. To keep your lockers and garage doors safe, we offer robust locks and security systems that will allow you to stop worrying about someone breaking in. At Everett Locksmiths, we give you the tranquility you need, guaranteeing your safety and peace of mind.


Professional Everett Locksmiths also offer re-keying services. They are the only ones who can create duplicates that precisely and smoothly fit your locks. In the business world, these requests are not uncommon. Quite often, individuals lose or misplace their keys. These problems should be promptly addressed, asthey can significantly have a negative impact on your agenda. Remember that only qualified and experienced locksmiths can guarantee quality duplicates that will work smoothly without harming your locks.


Everett Locksmiths are committed to provide exceptional services. The same goeswhen the restoration and repair of an outdated lock requires special treatment. Some locks were made with a sense of traditional artistry, and delicate precision. Because of their value and importance, these vintage and prized locks should only be left in the hands of professional locksmiths. We can service any kind of old locks, giving them a new life. We are also specialists in the manufacture of custom-made parts or replacements for any outdated locks. We willcarefully restore any lock, and manufacture keys and components for locks of historic significance. We can repair or service any special lock in your personal collection that requires attention. It will be working as if it were new. Call our numbers without hesitation.


Our experts at Everett Locksmiths all have the required skills and knowledge to handle all kinds of door lock installation services. It does not matter how complex. It can be a simple door lock fitting, or the installation of complex security systems for your recently remodeled high tech home. Our locksmiths will always usestate of the art tools have a cost efficiency approach, oriented to the client´s needs. Once you find the lock that best fits your door, our locksmiths will put their knowledge and experience to your service, to install and have it working in no time.

Everett Locksmiths offer door lock installation services, and guaranteea 24 hour assistance should you need anything from us.We offer advice to help you choose the best lock for your needs, complete installation, and fine-tuning so your new locks are really your own. The locking systems we provide all meet the highest and most up-to-date standards of the industry.


Not all locks look the same. The rest of the doors, gates, fences, cupboards, storage areas and basement, all have specific locking needs. Do not hesitate to ask for our advice on how to protect these important areas of your home. The professionals at Everett Locksmiths will happily let you know of the best andmost suitable choicesfor your locking mechanisms. Ensuring that each location has the best protection. The examples are most varied. You might need a rolling gate for your garage, a simple but flexible padlock for your fence gate, and a multiple cylinder lock for your front door.

Be sure to take advantage of our ample catalog and expert advice. Our specialists will make sure you obtain the lock that best suits your needs, offers you the best protection and features the latest technology. Everett professional locksmiths also make sure that your property will always be completely protected.Our locks will make your home a place of tranquility and peace of mind.

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