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Welcome to Zip Locksmith Shakopee, We are not the top professional Shakopee locksmith company by chance.
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We offer transparent pricing and highly personal service to ensure you get unparalleled peace of mind at the best price.
A job is not well done until the client shakes our hand with confidence and a big smile on his face.

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Locksmith Shakopee

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Shakopee Locksmith

Shakopee, Minnesota, USA

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Zip Locksmith Shakopee

Zip Locksmith just opened a shop in the expanding city of Shakopee, increasing its already huge locksmith service coverage in Scott County south of the Minnesota River.

In the world we live in, there are many services we have to be concerned about. The most important ones are those that fulfill our main necessities, such as water, gas or electricity. Locksmithing is a service most people overlook and only hire when they find themselves in the need of it. This might work for some, but there are many con artists who take advantage of the unprepared. Zip Locksmith offers you a reliable, effective and always available service that will not only assist you when you’re in a complicated situation, but will also guide you to acquire the best security options for your home, enterprise or car.

We can offer you many services and solutions to any situation you set in front of our specialized technicians. Zip Locksmith Shakopee only hires the best of the best so we can guarantee our customers the swift and effective service they deserve. The moment you call our staff, you will be treated respectfully as they start processing any information you give them about your problem. The more info you give them, the more efficiently their service will be.

Besides having an excellent and responsive staff that will answer your call at any moment, our team is made of a group of experienced professionals that know everything about locksmithing. They have been trained to handle, fix or even replace any kind of security device or lock that you may have installed in your home, office or car; they can do it in a very short time, with ease and without causing any damage. If requested, will also give you their professional opinion about which security devices will potentially increase your security levels.

Home Locksmithing

Zip Locksmith Shakopee considers that offering a locksmithing service for your home is an important task. To everyone, home is the place where they spend they free time, relax with their families, eat, sleep and,for some people, work. This makes home locksmithing a really important matter to take into consideration when thinking about security alternatives for your valuable belongings.

Every corner of your home could have a special meaning to you or one of your family members. That’s why Zip Locksmith Shakopee will send trained specialists that will make sure your home doesn’t have any potential security shortcomings. They will check every security-related measure that you currently own, and will also carefully inspect the infrastructure of your home, giving you a full analysis on how effective your security level is. Afterwards, they will help you choose the optimal options from our catalog, based on whichever details you give them.

Don’t leave your home security unattended and make your life and the lives of your loved ones a safer one by hiring our Home Locksmithing service today.

Automotive Locksmithing

Security should always accompany you wherever you go and especially when you are on the road. The technicians that work at Zip Locksmith Shakopee also trained to excel at car-related locksmithing. In the case of a lockout situation caused by lock malfunction or failure, our professionals will be fully capable to easily, swiftly and effectively solve any possible reason that’s causing the problem. From regular locks to password protected high-tech locks, they will be able to work on the issue and give you an efficient fix that won’t harm your locks or car doors, giving you access to your car again. If one of your keys breaks inside your car or ignition locks, our locksmiths will also be able to craft a brand-new key copy. This is possible thanks to our catalog of products, which allows Locksmith Shakopee to provide you key-cutting services for any car model on site. Additionally we can also offer you a rekeying service to rend any old keys unusable and start over with a new pattern. This assures you are the only one capable of opening your car door locks or turning on the ignition!

Commercial Locksmithing

We know our customers are also interested in the security of their business. Luckily for them Zip Locksmith Shakopee can also offer a commercial locksmith service so they can rest assured knowing their business is in good hands. Our professionals have the equipment necessary to work on anything you ask them, solving all lock-related problems currently bothering you.

Whether your business is having an issue related with locks or security cameras, our Locksmith in Shakopee will make sure it is a safe place again, fixing or replacing any locks malfunctioning as a result of either natural wear and tear or misuse.

Emergency Service

Zip Locksmith Shakopee also offers a responsive emergency service that will help you when you need it the most. Whether you are at home, in your business or car we will always be there for you when an emergency comes by. Our professionals are trained to solve almost every emergency you might encounter. Upon arrival they will start inspecting the problem you reported, determining the most effective procedures for the case at hand.

In the case of broken keys, Zip Locksmith Shakopee professionals can take out any key pieces that still remain inside your lock without harming it, and will additionally offer you a key crafting service that will give you access to a brand new key copy. We can also rekey any lock in order to keep old key copies from working again, which ensures you own the only functional keys.

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Don’t put off your security concerns anymore! Make sure your home, car and business all are safe environments. Our staff will make sure to let you know the optimal options you can opt for, while taking your budget into account. Additionally, we will answer any questions you might have about anything related to locks and/or our services. Zip Locksmith Shakopee will work hard to add you to our list of happy customers.

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