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Locksmith San Diego

Current news is filled with articles about criminal activities, and it is shocking that people often don’t hire specialized personnel to address the safety of their property. A common practice when constructing new buildings is to neglect the security measures or implement them gradually. At ZipLocksmith San Diego we find hard to understand why owners spend lots of money in the construction of their properties without making sure they are properly secured. Sometimes owners use different companies to perform tasks related to security, revealing a lack of vision to design a comprehensive security system before the construction status. Our professional locksmiths will help you choose the better options.

Why us?

Locksmithing services involve precise and detailed work. Our technicians have mechanical and mathematical ability, eye-hand coordination and manual skill; they can understand any lock and key specifications can effortlessly operate manuals and follow other instructions as necessary.

We encourage you not to trust in ghost locksmiths that offer unreasonably low prices. Our products and services have the perfect balance quality/price, and our diverse stock allows us to adapt to your budget. As our city requires, Zip Locksmith is a licensed, bonded and certified company. Our hiring process includes an exhaustive background check.

What do we do?

Zip Locksmith in San Diego can perform tasks to enhance your security including lock and deadbolt fixtures, as well as electronic locks and other protection devices; installation of high-grade locks, designed to resist heavy usage and damage; and installation of car locks, including the trunk lock and the ignition switch. Our technicians can also repair or customize these devices, craft spare keys, rekey your locks, create new keys and solve your lockouts situations and other lock-related emergencies.

Security advice

When your locks are damaged or too old to be repaired, and you need to replace them, our professionals will assist our customers in choosing the right kind of lock based on their security requirements, use frequency and your budget. Once the appropriate lock is selected, our master locksmith will perform the installation using the manufacturer’s recommendations, drilling the required openings with specialized power tools.

Advanced services

As technology takes over all aspects of our lives, is understandable that home, business and vehicle security is shaped by its breakthroughs and developments. Zip Locksmith San Diego makes a great effort to keep up and offer you the most recent products. We can provide and service alarms and surveillance hardware. Our locksmiths can design, install and configure a varied range of access control devices and CCTV systems. The protection we bring to you goes even beyond the physical world, as we also protect your computer data with the best security software.

Business and residential security

Lots of companies are hiring locksmiths to enhance their safety. Hotels and apartment complexes usually need to perform lock replacements, rekeying and install master key systems. Homeowners ask assistance from locksmiths to upgrade their security after a break-in, we can provide armored doors with multi-lock systems, window bars, mailbox locks and garage closing mechanisms.

Car security

Vehicle security is a fast-changing field, as new models are released every year for almost all brands. Sometimes the new models come with different locking systems and innovative security systems making them a challenge to any locksmith company. Locksmith San Diego accepted the challenge and it is always training our professionals in the new technologies as soon as they are available in the market. Our technicians will repair, replace or service any car lock, ignition switch or trunk lock. Also, using laser or mechanic cutting machines we can create or duplicate keys and program transponder chips.

Emergency Locksmiths

Zip Locksmith San Diego has an emergency team ready to go 24/7. They will answer calls from clients who accidentally locked their keys inside their car, home or office. Our technicians will evaluate the situation to decide the proper method to bypass the lock without causing additional damage. The options include using bypass tools or simple lock picking. Our experience and knowledge allow us always to select the right method, but there are times when the damage level of the lock or the safety of our clients forces us to drill the locks; however, this will always be our last resort.

Hire the experts, save money

Sure you can try to do the locksmith job by yourself to reduce expenses. But when you take into account the investment of acquiring the proper tools and the training needed to perform the job, as well the fact that a professional locksmith come prepared and already have all of this, it is possible that your conclusion will be that the right choice is to hire one.

Call Zip Locksmith San Diego today and tell us about your security issues. We will provide a free estimate so you can compare our prices.

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