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Welcome to Zip Locksmith Ravensdale, We are not the top professional Ravensdale locksmith company by chance.
With a dozen awards, we thrive to give the best locksmith services throughout the entire US where we have locations at.
From emergency 24-hour locksmith services to industrial and automotive projects,
We offer transparent pricing and highly personal service to ensure you get unparalleled peace of mind at the best price.
A job is not well done until the client shakes our hand with confidence and a big smile on his face.

We always strive to provide the most reliable service that is both fairly priced and effectivem,
No matter how urgent or complex your safety needs may be, rest assured that Zip Locksmith can provide for you.
Our experts are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. We operate a vast network of teams and our fleet is the biggest and well-equipped.
Rest assured that you will get the most reliable and professional service always with the best bang for your buck.
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Locksmith Ravensdale

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Locksmith Ravensdale

You can’t compare our services with any locksmith service provider in the state of Washington. Locksmith Ravensdale highly capacitated workforce will surely make the difference; we will efficaciously eliminate all of your issues. With Locksmith Ravensdale, all of your issues will be taken care of as soon as you request it, we have available for our customers a 24/7 emergency service. Our personnel undergoes a special training so they can solve all of the problems you may experience in no time. You won’t have to worry about anything with our top-notch services

Some of the unluckiest situations you might go through are getting locked out of your home, business or car. And not being able to enter them can sure bring down your mood. Nowadays everyone is dependent upon a schedule, and these unforeseen events may affect it, you could even miss important appointments. Ravensdale Locksmith primary goal is to deliver you the best services in the market, so your schedule isn’t altered. With the years, we have worked in our field we can proudly say, that we deliver the best and quickest services in the area. You won’t have to worry about the security of your residential or business installation with Locksmith Ravensdale. We will provide you all the security assets you may need without wasting your time and money.

Locksmith Ravensdale WA bases their services on security. Our staff is acquainted with the proper placement so you can get a wider view of your installation. If you want to know which workers access which parts of your facility, just ask for our security Access Control. Other Locksmith in Ravensdale don’t possess our large stock of products. We possess the widest variety of locks on the market, with all kinds of prices to fit your financial needs.

Ravensdale Locksmith

Why pick us

The most reliable, efficient and fast locksmith provider available!

Ravensdale Locksmith is different from other companies; most of the locksmith providers don’t get involved in the process. But you can always rely on us. If you want your problems to disappear, then consider using our top-notch gadgets and high-quality tools. We cover the entirety of the city, so you don’t have to worry about our coverage. We carry to your location all of the tools and equipment needed to solve your problems instantly. Making a new key or a coded key has never been easier; you won’t even have to drive to our offices to get one. Here at Ravensdale Locksmith we have a team of capacitated individuals that carry out the newest security measures and standards. You can use all the main credit and debit cards for payment. With a single call, you will witness how all of your problems will disappear.

Well-being and Protection

Your security will always be our goal!

Ravensdale Locksmith is committed to ensure the highest protection, safety protocols for your home or business. As the business owner, keeping safe your workers and material goods is one of your priorities. You don’t want thieves exploiting faulty locks or getting duplicates of your keys. The same problems threaten your home, that’s why you should always upkeep your locks. Locks are your defense against exterior dangers. Your business and residence can go through a great security threat if an unlicensed locksmith is working on your locks. Only licensed locksmiths know how to service a lock properly, with the newest security procedures known. They know the difference between a useless lock and one that can be repaired. Making your home and residence, a safer place is our objective Ravensdale Locksmith by solving all the issues you may present.

Relax with just one call

Locksmith Ravensdale is always there for you. We offer fair priced services for any budget, that way you can quickly eliminate those stressful situations without severely affecting your wallet. The stress that people experience is widely known. So reducing the time these problems last is essential. If you are looking for a service with fair prices that fulfills all your needs on time, then you have come to the right place. We have an extensive list of customers who trusted our services and ended up so delighted they don’t think twice before calling our capacitated technicians. Locksmith Ravensdale WA will assist you with all your needs.

Locksmith Ravensdale WA has earned our reputation over the last few years solving all kinds of problems. We have personnel capable of repairing and taking cares of issues like: Losing your car keys, forgetting them inside your car, getting a new replacement or substitute for your lost or damaged property keys, busted locks or altered key sets. If you don’t want to keep having these troubles, then stop trying to fix them yourself and call a licensed locksmith to solve all your issues. Just contact our highly capacitated staff at Ravensdale Locksmith and we will work to solve your problems instantly. Getting locked out can be stressful and irritating for a worker, house or business owner. Here at Locksmith Ravensdale WA we will take care of all your problems instantly, by sending you trained workforce and using the newest and highest quality gadgets and tools.

Safeguarding your Home with Locksmith Ravensdale

The first asset of a house is security. When you first acquire a residence, or you move out to a new one, you need to check the locks. Running a lock scan on your new residence can help you maintain high-security levels. With Locksmith Ravensdale, you can be sure that all security measures will be strictly followed. Our highly trained staff can recommend you custom security measures and systems for your homes. There are a lot of modifiers that alter the security needs of your home. And our staff knows how to follow them all.

The reason our Ravensdale Locksmith service is so reliable is the 24/7 emergency service we provide. So we can easily take care of your problems at any time. You can sleep at night worry less with the fact that there is no better Locksmith in Ravensdale. Even if your locks get damaged, with just a call our capacitated experts will replace or repair them, easily solving all your problems.

Emergency Services 24/7 Locksmith Ravensdale

We all have complex lives; Ravensdale Locksmith certified experts task is to simplify yours. With our services, we want you to be sure that you will always enter your home safely at any time. We don’t want you want you to go through the irritating situation of not being able to enter your home. Ravensdale Locksmith is there for you as soon as you contact us. We will solve all of the problems you tell us so you live a simpler life. Another stressful situation we want you to avoid, happens when you leave your car keys inside the vehicle. You would become desperate and try to break the window. With our services, you will have your car door opened in mere minutes. We will retrieve your keys in under five minutes, opening any lock in the process.

New Key sets demands

With our services you can easily obtain all the new key sets, you are in need of. You can obtain them while your old locks are being maintained or substituted. Getting that extra set of keys can save you lots of difficulties. If you ever happen to lose or break your key set, you just have to replace it with your new ones, without being locked out of the area. Locksmith Ravensdale can give you all the key sets you demand at the moment you contact our trained capacitated personnel so that they can reach your location. Our team of qualified technicians always possesses all the equipment to solve all kinds of issues don’t mind asking anything you need. You could hide your new set of keys in your home or residence entrance, with a chance that somebody finds them. You could also give them to a trustworthy neighbor or a Family Member that lives close. Locksmith Ravensdale can ensure that you receive anything you are in need of.

Replacing the old ignition of your Car

An unpleasant situation you might want to avoid is losing your car keys. But if it happens do not worry. With the services we officers we can make sure nobody but you can have total access to your vehicle. Our highly capacitated staff can easily replace your old ignition lock cylinder, so your lost keys become useless. Ravensdale Locksmith has the newest gadgets and tools required to re-key the ignition or trunk lock cylinder. Our top-notch materials and services have no comparison; no other Locksmith in Ravensdale can reach our safety standards.

Lockouts in residences and businesses

Residences and businesses hold the awards as the most common lockout locations. We excel not only at car lock repairing servicing, but we are also efficient in repairing and maintaining residential and commercial locks. We will make sure with our services that your company sales and reputation isn’t affected by these unforeseen events. With just a call to Locksmith Ravensdale our highly capacitated staff will make sure that your workers schedule isn’t altered. Licensed locksmith can also help you if you ever get stuck out of your house, or need a lock replacement. Our highly capacitated staff will be there for you at all moments. You can rely on them to solve all the problems you may experience. Since you can plan these unforeseen events we will make sure they don’t interrupt your common lifestyle.

Ravensdale Locksmith Commercial Services

Our highly capacitated staff at Locksmith Ravensdale WA knows that unforeseen lock issues can be a headache for owners. With our services you can be rest, knowing that we can keep the safety and security levels of your clients, good and workers high. Licensed Locksmith will make sure you have the best security infrastructure in the market. Here at Locksmith Ravensdale we deliver you a top-notch service so you can forget lock problems, just leave it to us. We have the best prices for any business no matter its size, our ranges of prices easily adapt to any budget.

The security levels of your home can be kept high with commercial locking framework. Ravensdale Locksmith highly capacitated workforce knows all the procedures to maintain your security systems. They know how to run period scans to find faulty locks, or systems that need upkeep. Our staff is specially trained to solve all of your problems in no time. Other locksmith service providers don’t even compare to the fast, efficient way we deliver you our services. Here at Locksmith Ravensdale WA we possess up-to-date technologies and high-quality tools to ensure the safety of your installations.

Locksmith Ravensdale WA offers a service that is unique to each client. Our well-trained workforce knows well, how different our customers needs can be. Each one works on a specific budget, and our services prices adapt to all of them. There’s no comparison in the area when you are looking for a locksmith in Ravensdale we are the only ones that provide the newest gadget and security system protocols for your business needs. We now provide online support for digital locks, we can remotely reboot, upgrade or restart them.

Safety at all times

Properties, data and files you must protect them all. As a business owner we know how much you care for their security, that’s why we help you protect them any external threat that could damage your business. Ravensdale Locksmith will eliminate all the unforeseen events that happen. You won’t be a victim of theft and robbery, even if it happens commonly in your area. Our wide selection of security measures and standards will keep your workers and your installation secured at all times.

Old Locks servicing

Locksmith Ravensdale cares for your business and home wellbeing and safety. We put your demands over everything else. Unlike other locksmith service provider, we don’t try to fool you, telling you all of your locks need to be replaced. Most companies will trick you to buy expensive, unnecessary replacements for your locks. Even when there are cheaper locks on the market that work as efficaciously. If you run a small or medium business, with Locksmith Ravensdale you won’t have to worry about anything since we offer you the best prices available in the market. If your old locks can work well with periodic maintenances, there’s no need to buy a new one. We won’t force you to buy an expensive lock just to earn a profit. We adapt to your financial needs to deliver you a security service you can be proud of. Our capacitated staff knows all the different options in the market, and will gladly suggest the options that suit your installation and budget. We work only to satisfy you and your demands.

Key Replacing services

The constant replacement of your business keys and locks can make sure no unwanted visitors enter some areas of your business. As the business owner with these replacements, you will be able to control exactly who accesses any area. We can also provide you all the master keys you demand. With master keys, you won’t have to carry big sets of keys. As the owner, you will be able to enter all areas of your business with a single key. With the master key you can prevent common troubles like your worker losing their keys, no area will be locked out with your master key. Here at Ravensdale Locksmith, we can also provide you high-security keys that can’t be duplicated. This way you can be sure that none of your workers will make illegal copies of keys and access unauthorized areas. If you ever need them you just have to contact our highly capacitated staff, they can also provide you custom keys. With the services we provide at Locksmith Ravensdale WA, you will be able to control the access and flow of workers in the different areas of your business. If you want to add more security measures we have available: master locations, accessibility systems based on security, and digital locks emergency restoration.

Locksmith Ravensdale Residence services

Ravensdale Locksmith wants all parts of your home to be protected 24/7 from your little dogs in the backyards to your kids playing inside your house. With our top-notch services, you can protect your loved ones. Everyone knows that the family is your top priority.  That’s why you hire our services, to ensure that their happy lives are never interrupted. We will make your home a safe environment with all of our services and high-quality materials and procedures.

They key to a perfect security system is constant scan. You must run periodic scans so you can determine if a part of your security is failing or needs maintenance. These are safety measures that you can’t take slightly since they represent the security of your loved ones. After the scans, we will quickly repair your old locks and replace them with new ones when needed in the blink of an eye. Never hire an unlicensed locksmith; it will compromise your whole security system. When they perform the job, you don’t know if all security procedures were followed, and that’s gambling with your home security. Here at Locksmith Ravensdale we possess a team of licensed and certified locksmiths that are trained to solve all of your problems in the blink of an eye. When they open a locked door, or they replace an old lock, you can rest knowing that you are in good hands. They only work with the latest technologies and gadgets available in the market. They always work with the newest security measures, ensuring a quality service. When they finish working on your home, you will enjoy lots of wonderful moments with your family, in a safe and protected environment.

You can rely on our services at any time, thanks to our 24/7 emergency services. If you happen to get locked out, don’t think twice before calling us. We will quickly let you all back in. Here at Ravensdale Locksmith we will take care of all of your problems, eliminating those irritating and unforeseen stressful events. We have the best price ranges in the market since we possess a large stock of materials and products. With our services at Locksmith Ravensdale won’t be trouble for you.

Locksmith Ravensdale Automobile services

Driving is one of the most important activities today, it eases our lives. We drive our kids to school, we drive to work, and we even drive during some trips. We drive to attend our special meetings with clients or to deliver our business products. It’s an essential part of our lives. That’s why you need a service that ensures that your daily routine won’t be affected by unforeseen events that don’t let you access your car. The worst scenario one could imagine is leaving your car keys inside the vehicle. The first solution that comes to the mind is breaking the window. But with the services we provide you will be on the road in no time. There’s no Locksmith in Ravensdale that compares to our speed and resolve time. Just give us five minutes and we will open your car door so you can retrieve the keys you left inside. Now you are back on the road without delays, thanks to our service.

Ravensdale Locksmith capacitated personnel works around the clock to deliver you the best service available. We service automobiles, whether they´re domestic or foreign no matters its type, model or size our personnel can easily help you. With Ravensdale Locksmith even losing your car keys won’t be a problem. You might think that the person who finds the keys will be able to access your car. But we can easily re-key your ignition and trunk lock cylinder. Only you will have access to your car. Just call our technicians and they will aid you wherever you are.

No one can predict these unforeseen events. They just randomly appear in the worst moments. And here at Locksmith Ravensdale we deliver you a 24/7 quality emergency service since you don’t know when an unforeseen event may happen. Our main objective at Locksmith Ravensdale has always been your safety and protection. That’s the reason our mobile units will reach your location in minutes to eliminate your problems.

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