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Plymouth Meeting Locksmith

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Plymouth Meeting Locksmith

Plymouth Meeting has deep historical roots in the American tradition, making it one of our favorite communities in the whole Philadelphia area. Zip Locksmith´s presence in the area has increased during the last few years as its residents have taken a more proactive approach to security and aesthetics for their homes and businesses.

We wanted to open an office on the north western edge of Philadelphia, and saw that the thriving community of Plymouth Meeting was the ideal location for us. We are now able to serve our neighbors at Plymouth Valley, Lafayette Hill, Williams, Broad Axe and all surrounding communities.

What do Locksmiths do?

They are essential. Many think of us only as guys who appear only whenever one of their doors is jammed. But we are more than that.

Locksmiths are actually expert technicians with a deep understanding of complex mechanisms and electrical micro components that are now contained in many security devices. Moreover, the correct servicing and repair of a door lock must be performed by a true qualified professional to make sure the lock is in perfect condition and there is no chance of anyone violating it.

Zip Locksmith has the most recent cutting edge technology to solve all your lockout problems.

We also carry door knobs and deadbolt alternatives in a wide selection of finishes and shapes. If you need to renew your home entrance or interior accesses, you should give Zip Locksmith a call.


One of the most important concerns of this line of work is to be able to provide our customers with the peace of mind they deserve.

It’s essential not to let “just anyone” tamper with your locks or try to install new security measures. That would not only give potential access to individuals that haven´t gone through the required background checks. It would also compromise your safety as an incorrectly installed security measure is useless no matter how good the product is.

Only by hiring one of our trusted local Plymouth locksmiths you can rest assured that your property is properly secured, and only you have control over all access entry points.

Emergency Services

Are you seeking a trusted 24/7 Locksmith in Philadelphia? Are you locked out of your workplace, home or automobile? Do you want to avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous scam artists that pose as locksmiths?

You have arrived at the right place. Our trusted certified master locksmiths have gone through intensive training and background checks that allow them to give you a professional service under any condition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We take care of emergency lockouts, jammed doors, rekeying, lock replacements, and any problem you might have with vaults, safes, and access control systems.

We also specialize in non-destructive methods to protect the integrity of your locks and doors. All our locksmiths in Plymouth Meeting are insured and bonded.

Zip Locksmith offers reasonable fees for all its services and products.

Residential Services

We are fortunate to be alive in the 21st century. The gap between elegance and functionality has been narrowing fast and now the most advanced solutions for your home security are also very stylish and discreet.

Visit us to take a look at our extensive catalog of locks, knobs, access control systems, high security doors, and advanced anti-theft devices. If you want to take the protection of your family to the next level, contact one of our master locksmiths and schedule a visit.

Zip Locksmith has experts dedicated to technical tasks such as unlocking doors, performing maintenance, repairs and lock rekeying.

Did you just move into your new house or apartment? Are you afraid your old tenants might have kept a key? Hire the services of the best locksmiths this side of Philadelphia. Have your locks rekeyed in no time and with extreme precision, and regain your peace of mind.

Automotive Services

Unlock your car or craft a brand new key for your vehicle in minutes with Zip Locksmith.

Automotive lockouts are fairly common. Our urban lifestyle has made us forgetful of simple things as we have more things in our minds to worry about.

Being relatively distanced from Philly downtown, these services are traditionally more expensive and it takes locksmiths longer to get to Plymouth Valley or Broad Axe. Getting stranded then becomes more than a simple nuisance.

Our recently opened office at Plymouth Meeting allows us to get right where you are faster and it also lets us cut prices. Our mobile units are fully equipped to solve any problem that might have arisen on the road. We can open your doors, trunk, repair or replace your ignition cylinder, and even create a perfect duplicate of your keys right on the spot.

If you want true experts who also worry about your wallet, you should only call Zip Locksmith Plymouth Meeting.

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