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Welcome to Zip Locksmith Philadelphia, We are not the top professional Philadelphia locksmith company by chance.
With a dozen awards, we thrive to give the best locksmith services throughout the entire US where we have locations at.
From emergency 24-hour locksmith services to industrial and automotive projects,
We offer transparent pricing and highly personal service to ensure you get unparalleled peace of mind at the best price.
A job is not well done until the client shakes our hand with confidence and a big smile on his face.

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No matter how urgent or complex your safety needs may be, rest assured that Zip Locksmith can provide for you.
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Locksmith Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Locksmith

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Philadelphia Locksmith

If you reached this site, you must surely be in the look of a good and reliable locksmith in whose hands you can put your safety in. ZipLocksmith Philadelphia is the team who has the most experience with locksmith related issues in Pennsylvania.

Our expert services have experienced an increase in demand in our area. We not only take care of problems faced by our neighbors in residential areas. We have had the honor to perform jobs of various sizes for the Crane Arts LLC and the MAAS building.

Long gone are the days we could only cover Poplar up to Yorktown. We now offer commercial and residential professional services to Norris Square, Fishtown and even Kensington.

We have served our community for decades, dedicating our time and effort to help our neighbors feel secure and to educate ourselves in the science of locksmithing.

Why Choose Zip Locksmith Philadelphia?

Whenever you have a problem with your locks, it means that there is something wrong with your security systems. You should only count on trusted and reliable individuals who will never use their skills to take advantage of you. Locksmith Philadelphia has a team of experts who go through the most thorough background checks in order to make sure they are respectful and law abiding citizens.

Never trust a locksmith who by just taking a look at your lock declares he will have to drill it and replace it. To become a true locksmith in Philadelphia, you must follow an extensive training in order to learn how to unlock almost any lock you might have without damaging it. In fact, to obtain a certification in any of the locksmith specializations, be it residential, commercial or automotive, a locksmith should prove he is proficient at disassembling most locks and security devices the market has to offer.

Never trust a locksmith that does not show its certification and license either. When calling a locksmith, always ask about their experience and certifications, you do not want complete noobs to try and open your delicate locks. You might end up with a damaged or malfunctioning lock that could represent a danger in the future.

High security solutions

Depending on where we live and how much you care about your security, we might want to go a step further to protect your home and assets by installing high security doors. Locksmith Philadelphia offers doors made specifically to fend off all the tools used by modern burglars. It does not matter if someone uses a high powered drill, heavy hammers, or even firearms and explosives against these doors, they won´t bulge a bit. We offer galvanized steel casings which provide really strong deterrents for any kind of attacks or violation attempts. This has been specially popular in North Philadelphia East and Yorktown.

These high security doors offered by Locksmith Philadelphia are designed for both residential and commercial use. While businesses would like a sturdy look to keep intruders away or reduce costs, residential users would love these resistant doors to be properly paneled and painted to preserve the style they are used to in their homes. Do not worry about style, our designs are made with all the elegance used for international standards.

Residential Security

Locks should never be one of your highest concerns. They are made to be installed and be discreet enough for you to never think about them. For a lock to be able to do that, you must feel it is strong and reliable enough to withstand a frontal attack but also guarantee that you will always be able to open it smoothly and without any problem. Locksmith Philadelphia experts are ready to show you the latest and most secure door models used for residential purposes. All of them with the most elegant looks, while hiding the most extreme resistance, all made to be up to the most exigent protective standards.

We also provide locks with various levels of protection to make sure intruders won´t be able to open them. Drilling, pounding or even shooting at the door. Our doors are totally customizable, so you can include windows, letterboxes, spyholes, or metal bars. Just let us know your specific requirements and we will get you the right door for your home.

Commercial Safety

The major concern when having a business is to keep your assets and personnel safe. Locksmith Philadelphia has everything you need to make your company, office, educational, government or financial institution as safe as possible.

Try the latest security solutions the locksmithing world has to offer. When you have lots of environments or your company depends on strict access rights for machinery, switchboards or control panels, you might end up having complicated key organization systems that could sometimes give you a lot of headaches. Locksmith Philadelphia experts can install master suites that help you create different layers of access rights for your operative personnel and still give you enough flexibility to let you have access to all of them with a single master key.

We also deliver and install the latest emergency and panic hardware, specially designed to comply with the strictest national and federal security standards. Your company never felt so safe and prepared for unforeseen events. Call locksmith Philadelphia today and set up a meeting with our security experts to discuss the best solutions available to make your business the safest one in the Philadelphia area.

Automotive Anti-Theft Solutions

Our Automotive locksmith experts in are true car buffs. They have extensive experience both in the locksmith world and the car detail environment, making them the best ones at knowing what´s best for your car model. We know how important your ride is for you, that´s why we offer you the latest in car defense. Never fear again that your car might just disappear overnight, we will install the strongest locks and physical deterrents so no one will be able to move your car, all by taking great care of not damaging your paint finish or interiors.

Locksmith Philadelphia can also open and repair any lock. If you´re having a bad day because your door, trunk or ignition lock got jammed, you must call our emergency lines and watch the experts do their magic.

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