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If you are having an emergency with your locks, be it at home or on the road, you should contact Zip Locksmith Philadelphia customer service lines right away and have one of our master Locksmiths help you out in less than 25 minutes.
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Welcome to Zip Locksmith Philadelphia, We are not the top professional Philadelphia locksmith company by chance.
With a dozen awards, we thrive to give the best locksmith services throughout the entire US where we have locations at.
From emergency 24-hour locksmith services to industrial and automotive projects,
We offer transparent pricing and highly personal service to ensure you get unparalleled peace of mind at the best price.
A job is not well done until the client shakes our hand with confidence and a big smile on his face.

We always strive to provide the most reliable service that is both fairly priced and effectivem,
No matter how urgent or complex your safety needs may be, rest assured that Zip Locksmith can provide for you.
Our experts are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. We operate a vast network of teams and our fleet is the biggest and well-equipped.
Rest assured that you will get the most reliable and professional service always with the best bang for your buck.
Whenever, Wherever, Give us a call and we'll be there faster than you think.

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Locksmith Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Locksmith

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Zip Locksmith Philadelphia

Welcome to Zip Locksmith, your number 1 choice when you need a fast, reliable and affordable locksmith service in Philadelphia.

Our New location is located right next to the City Avenue, west of Fairmount Park, giving us huge strategic advantages as are now able to offer astounding response times to our neighbors in Overbrook, Wynnefield, right up to East Falls and Germantown.

Emergency Locksmith

Have you been in a situation that requires a 24-hour locksmith service? If you live close to Fairmount Park, we are the only answer you need. Zip Locksmith is a true 24/7 locksmith service with the sole mission of satisfying our customers’ requests as fast as possible and with prices adjusted to their budget.

We are here to assist you, whatever your lock issues may be. It is irrelevant if it is a car lockout, a stuck door in your home or a damaged safe in your office; we will be at your side very quickly! We feel proud of the high level of our work, accomplished by proficient, experienced locksmiths, and you can be confident of the fact that you are covered by our service warranty and our qualification standards.

Don’t wait any longer and call us right now! Our communication team is always online waiting to give you a quick response.

Zip Locksmith Philadelphia has a long lasting tradition of providing first-class locksmith services to our treasured city and the surrounding areas. In all these years we have constructed a privileged reputation of excellence, dependability, rectitude and efficiency. The locksmith business is prone to scam and fraud, so you must be really careful when selecting a company. With us, you can feel secured in the certifications of every single professional we send to help. You are entitled to check and make all the questions you want; we won’t take any action until you feel satisfied. We are affiliated with the ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) and all our workers are properly licensed.

Our Locksmith Services

When the issue is securing your house, choosing the assistance of a certified and capable residential locksmith is the best course of action you should take. It is the only way of being completely sure that any lock and security related work you need to be done will be executed quickly and uneventfully. Don’t make the mistake of hiring common handymen just to save a few dollars. They will accept the work right away, but you must consider the potential price of fixing a badly installed door lock or completely undo a procedure because a critical mistake rendered the whole security system useless. Hiring a skilled professional locksmith is the most cost-effective option in the long term.

Philadelphia Residential Locksmith

Hiring the assistance of a licensed residential locksmith allows you to get expert advice on your particular home safety requirements, security improvements, adequate installation, and maintenance, if needed. It is imperative that you choose a certified locksmith service like ours, so you can be confident that your technicians have the training and expertise to perfectly deal with any kind of locking mechanisms and safety systems, and of course, all kind of key-related issues.

Securing the services of a qualified residential locksmith gives you access to expert advice on your specific home security requirements, security enhancements, proper installations, and repairs, if required. It’s important that you choose a qualified locksmith, such as 24 Hour Locksmith Pros, so that you can be certain that your locksmith has the training and experience to deal with any or all of the following types of locking systems and security features, in addition to key-related services.

The most common services we provide to our customers in their homes are those related to door locks, additional keys, emergency calls, lock rekeying, lock alignment with door frames, lock picking, CCTV installation, safe installation and lock change/repair, biometric access systems, among many others. Keep reading if you want further info regarding the main problems our customers encounter.

Key Extraction

Keys can break off and get stuck inside the locks for many reasons. The lock can be damaged and needs reparations, or the key was handled incorrectly and suffered abnormal tensions. It can also happen that the inevitable wear and tear ends up weakening the key and lock to the point they just stop working. Irrespective of the cause, we can extract the broken key, detect any further problems, and restore the lock’s functionality.


If you are concerned that your lock may have unapproved access, or you lost a duplicate key, you need a professional lock rekeying service as soon as possible. In Zip Locksmith we can solve this problem easily. We have the experience of countless rekeying processes performed successfully; we can even say that this is one of our main services.

High Tech Locks

The latest technological breakthroughs in electronic safety have made a lot of advanced options available to normal houses and business facilities. In this field, we have at your disposal a wide range of high security locks based on biometric data, remote control, keypads and others. You may think these products are expensive, but you will be surprised of how low the relative cost is. Call us today, explain your concern and we will give you a free estimate completely adjusted to your financial plan.

Philadelphia auto and commercial services

Now that you are well informed about our residential locksmiths, we invite you to consider our automotive locksmith services. With this, you don’t have to hire different locksmiths for any kind of emergency or repair needs. Our Philadelphia Locksmiths all have relevant training and expertise on handling with all kinds of car keys and locks. Of course, being a 24 hour services is a huge plus in this subject. We provide as well high quality commercial services to several businesses in Philadelphia, covering from simple lock picking to high tech security systems with all the extras.

Be safe with us

Protecting your family and property should be a top priority in your life. We know you never would want burglars to invade your home and put your family and belongings at risk. It doesn’t matter how easy an installation may seem; with time a badly performed installation of your locks can cause lots of problems and unfortunate situations. We encourage you to hire a professional locksmith in Philadelphia to do all the work related with your security, and you best option is and will always be Zip Locksmith.

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