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Locksmith Minnetonka

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Minnetonka Locksmith

Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA

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Zip Locksmith Minnetonka

Zip Locksmith continues to expand its services around the Hennepin County with the opening of a new store in the city of Minnetonka, providing this suburban, quiet area with our top-quality locksmith services and products.

At Zip Locksmith Minnetonka we know that your security is very important. That is why we always take care of your lock and key problems even in the most unexpected moments. Whether you want to service your current locks, upgrade your property’s security, or are facing an emergency, we are ready to help. Our trusted locksmiths are trained to provide you with locksmith solutions without causing any damage to your installed locks. Our team can guarantee the safety in your home, business, and vehicle.

Why Choose Us?

Your safety is a serious issue and trusting inexperienced locksmiths can lead to disastrous consequences.

  • An inexperienced locksmith can overcharge you for their service: Some locksmith companies offer misleading ads regarding the price of their service. They come to your home or business, perform the service, and then charge you much more than the price advertised on their website.

Our staff will always follow the protocol to establish a fair price for the service. First, they will process your information to find the most suitable specialist according to your needs. Then, our techs will perform an on-site evaluation to determine the best course of action. They will tell you the value of the service before they perform it and they will never overcharge you.

  • Inexperienced locksmiths can harm your locks: Locks have complicated systems that can deteriorate over time resulting in broken keys, non-turning cylinders, and erratic functioning. Fixing a faulty lock requires expertise and training. Otherwise, you could affect the inner mechanism and damage the lock.

The technicians working at Zip Locksmith Minnetonka are in constant training to achieve the skills to perform lock repair services without causing any harm to your currently installed locks. They will make sure your locks are working properly before they leave your property.

  • Inexperienced locksmiths can leave you exposed: Identifying the spots where your security is weak is part of a locksmithing service. Insufficient training can lead to choosing the wrong security measures according to your needs.

Our team is ready to provide you with professional guidance to increase the security levels inside and outside your home. They can advise you on the latest technology to control the access to your home: From a traditional lock replacement to smart lock system installation, and everything in between. You can also request our product catalog to choose from the wide variety of security devices we have available.

Our work is backed by a solid reputation and high rate of customer satisfaction. Our best strategy is to provide top-notch locksmithing services every time. You do not need to waste time searching for locksmiths when you have a qualified company close to you!

Services and Products

Residential Services

Minnetonka is a quiet residential area with beautiful houses that are, very likely, the largest investment people living there have made. Many homeowners consider their home is their castle and it holds their biggest treasure– their family. Keeping it protected is a priority to us. We can offer you multiple security solutions tailored to your property characteristics and daily routine. We can also fix, rekey, or replace any old lock you have at home. Just call Zip Locksmith Minnetonka and have your security issues solved in no time. Expect a respectful and efficient response from the moment you contact us.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Distances in the Hennepin County are long. Therefore, most people own a vehicle to move around from Minnetonka to other cities. Our main goal is to keep you and your family protected. That is why we offer automotive services 24/7. You can contact us any day, and any time and have your car’s locks repaired or replaced. We can also help you with lockout situations. We offer a short-time response, and our techs will fix your lock problems in a couple of minutes. We also provide high-tech automotive security devices for your vehicle, and we cater for any make and model.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Locksmith Company

Professional locksmiths give you peace of mind

Safety is an important issue for most people; it gives us the peace of mind we all need to sleep at night. Modern technology has provided the possibility to install security measures that can be set according to your needs. Choose from keyless locks, security cameras, safes, panic rooms, and more, to help you preserve your belongings. You can also install access control systems that are synchronized to your smartphone so you can be sure no one can access your house without you receiving immediate notification. Ask our skilled professionals for the best option for your home and take control of your security. Professional locksmiths can handle any type of securing device, from cutting-edge biometric locks to the traditional lock and key.

Re-key old locks

New homeowners can greatly benefit from this service. As soon as you move to a new house, the uncertainty of having other people with old sets of keys can raise your levels of stress. The best way to make sure no one else will be able to access your home with an old key is by resetting the mechanism of your current locks. The techs at Zip Locksmith Minnetonka are trained to rekey any lock making it impossible for former owners to enter your property without your permission.

Repairing old locks

Some people prefer tradition over technology. For those who always choose regular locks and want to keep them working for a few more years, our techs have the solution. We can provide you with an effective and swift lock repair, so they work smoothly. Attempting to fix your locks on your own can damage their inner mechanism, which could lead to bigger issues like broken keys or blocked locks. Make sure your locks are properly repaired by hiring expert help. Call our certified specialists and have them fix your locks while preventing further damage.

You should never overlook your property’s security. Contact the professionals at Zip Locksmith Minnetonka and have your home, business, and vehicle checked to spot any safety issues on time. We use cutting-edge techniques and products to boost the security of your property. Call us today and receive personalized service and swift locksmithing solutions at a fair price.

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