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Locksmith Lansdale

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Locksmith Lansdale


Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA

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Zip Locksmith Lansdale

Our Zip Locksmith Lansdale team is excited about the opening of a new location that will service the communities of Lansdale and Montgomery. The tightly knit community will now have access to the latest and best locksmith products available, and the most qualified team of security experts. Our local technicians are among the best in Pennsylvania, and are more than ready to assist you with anything related to locks and doors. Just call us, and ask about our competitive prices and premium services.

A well-functioning door and lock can go a long way

Most people only think of locks in terms of privacy and safety. However, locks fulfill other important roles in our homes and places of work.

Efficiency is one of them. A good door-lock combination reduces the time required to open and close them. Most people only realize this when they get to operate slower action doors. These not only represent an everyday obstacle. They also reduce your home´s energy efficiency as we tend to leave them open for longer periods for comfort, making your HVAC unit work harder.

Door frames, bottom seals, and even lock tightness also play a role in saving energy. As it happens with window seals and other sensitive areas of your home, your doors have to fit perfectly in their frames and your locks must provide a tight grip for it.

Anyone can install a door, but only a certified and knowledgeable locksmith professional can make sure your locks and door are correctly installed and that they provide traffic and energy efficiency in your home or work venue.

Added Security

We all know Lansdale is a very peaceful city and we trust our honest neighbors. But that does not mean we should not protect our homes and make sure we are never victims of unpleasant events. Call your local Lansdale locksmith expert and ask about the best way to increase your home protection. We provide up-to-date information about the newest products for home protection. We also perform inspections for those worried about the current state of their locks, doors and windows, providing vital information on how to take things to the next level. One can never be too sure.

Residential Locksmiths

We offer great options and solutions for those looking to improve their home´s protection or simply renovate their property´s entrances. Get professional advice when the time comes to renovate your home. A new door works wonders by giving your home a welcoming aura that everyone will notice. Take a look at the newest locks and knobs designed to bring out your door´s features, enhance your protection, and provide great functionality to your entrances.

A great residential locksmith will always let you know the best way to improve your home´s security and save money.

Zip Locksmith also offers lockout and rekeying services. You will never have to wait out in the dark and cold night again for a locksmith to arrive. Our nondestructive methods allow us to bypass any locking mechanism, be it traditional or digital, without damaging your door or lock. All for a reasonable price. We have expertly trained professionals who love the trade and their community.

Commercial Locksmith

Lansdale has been growing as a commercial community as of late and is slowly leaving behind its commuter town status. We have brought the most reliable and resistant locking solutions for those who want to protect their business in Lansdale. Store owners who want to offer easy access to clients will find a wide variety of electric locks and mechanical arms for glass, wooden and metal doors.

Check out our selection of access control systems with the newest features for office buildings, schools, and financial institutions. Provide security for your employees while guaranteeing a seamless workflow.

Emergency Services

No matter where you are in Lansdale and Montgomery, you can call Zip Locksmith and get the fastest service. Our experts are available 24/7 and can open any lock. If you´re stranded in the middle of the road or a parking lot, our auto locksmith experts will go where you are and open or start your car without a problem. We can unlock, repair or replace any lock. Our mobile units are properly equipped to create a flawless duplicate on the spot.

We also service homes and businesses. If you have problems and are afraid someone might misuse a copy of your front or back door key, just call our experts and have your door rekeyed. Fear no more and have a fully functional lock that works exclusively with a new set of keys.

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