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If you are having an emergency with your locks, be it at home or on the road, you should contact our professional customer service lines right away and have one of our master Locksmiths help you out in less than 25 minutes.
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Call Kirkland Locksmith for getting your issues solved by using the advanced technology. Believe in our assistance because we are accessible night and day and we ensure that we reach our clients whenever they want us in the least time possible and at the most reasonable cost. We have locksmith specialists who are acquainted with the latest safety trade needs and they can offer solution to the challenges you are dealing with.
We have 24/7 options available too for individuals in Bellevue for emergency circumstances. If your car has got locked up and you have lost the keys, just give us a call and our locksmith will make a coded automobile key for you immediately. These locksmiths are experts with all kinds of locking parts, including deadbolts and the door buttons. These are trained consultants and locksmiths, who can assure you basic safety.

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There aren’t too many experiences that create stress comparable to being locked out of your home, office or vehicle. Nothing is more inconvenient than accidently breaking a key or misplacing a key. Sometimes, these things happen because over the course of our daily lives, we overlook the necessity of quality security. Being unable to solve these lockout and security issues in a timely fashion can create major inconveniences and often times lead to the development of further issues in the long run. That is why it is so important to think about your security needs as a whole.

You may ignore certain issues, however all issues, regardless of size, are still important.

The reality of the situation is, individuals that require these services need immediate solutions and it is essential to get these situations resolved as soon as opportunity allows. There are clear perils with being locked out and once individuals disregard these dangers, they open themselves up to more issues.

Why Choose Us

Kirkland Locksmith professionals have the latest cutting edge technology to resolve all of your lockout and key replacement problems.

We are an affordable and reliable service, with experienced locksmiths who are trained in the latest security standards, doing their part to make the neighborhood safer.

Kirkland Locksmith’s Emergency 24 Hour Mobile service is a mobile unit that brings the solution to your location. Our technicians can resolve your lockout issues on site. The Mobile Unit keeps a stock of doorknobs, deadbolts, and other necessary tools to help aid in assisting you at the location of your emergency. Our number one goal is to ensure your safety. Because of that, our staff is well trained and highly professional.

If you would like more information regarding our services and what Kirkland Locksmith has to offer, please feel free to call our 24-hour customer service number, and one of our highly trained professionals will be more than happy to assist you. Kirkland Locksmith accepts all major credit/debit cards. We look forward to speaking with you and hope that next time, you remember Kirkland Locksmith.

Safety & Security

Entrusting your safety into the hands of a stranger can be a highly dangerous procedure that comes with unnecessary risks, It is imperative that you choose a locksmith that is properly certified to not only ensure your safety, but can also guarantee the accurate completion of resolving your lockout.

Using a non certified technician is taking an unnecessary gamble with your own safety, These problematic technicians are often sketchy, second-rate, and can damage your locks further than the original problem

Our advice: Never use short cuts in choosing a qualified locksmith. Never put your own security hanging in the balance to take shortcuts. Continuously work with guaranteed specialists and experts. Our security experts at Kirkland Locksmith can guarantee your wellbeing and will treat you with the most extreme appreciation..
We can guarantee that our products and work will be completed to your full satisfaction. For more information, please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Have you ever been locked out at an inconvenient time or place and are found yourself searching for a reliable locksmith? Were you ever locked out and but didn’t want to pay expensive emergency fees? Kirkland Locksmith 24/7 service is trustworthy, reliable, and inexpensive. You can breathe easy knowing that you are in capable hands with one of our highly trained and reliable technicians. Being locked out is stressful and can occur anywhere at any time of day or night. Our wonderful, 24/7 support staff can provide a variety of affordable, excellent quality solutions to fit your specific need. When you work with one of our technicians, you are working with a locksmith service that operates under the best standards and practices and high quality protection services. Because of our understanding and wide range of services, numerous customers rely on us for their locksmith needs.

Our expert professionals can help solve your lockout needs.

No matter the situation, a stressful lockout or a simple key jam, you can always feel comfortable calling us, knowing that whatever your situation is, we can handle it. Our locksmiths at Kirkland Locksmith are professionally trained and can manage anything from misplaced keys, to broken locks. Our technicians come equipped with the skillsets and tools to assist you. We work with you and your situation to develop a quick and efficient resolution at an affordable price.

As a tip: Try leaving your keys in the same location whenever you are done with them. This helps create a routine and may make you more organized, preventing security issues and future lockouts.

Multi-layer home protection with Kirkland Locksmiths.

In this profession, we are constantly discussing new methods to protect our consumers and provide the proper safeguards to ensure that they are as protected as possible. Ask any locksmith, and they will tell you that our number one priority is to guarantee your safety and the safety of the lock. The proper functioning of the lock and all security measures is vital to ensuring the security of what you hold dear. We often overlook what we can consider to be minor security threats, Our Kirkland Locksmith specialists always suggest home security systems, but that does not guarantee the locks are secured. A home security system can only do but so much to help safeguard your property. Keeping your locks in good shape and not misplacing keys can further help secure your property and loved ones. It is important that you find a technician that is certified and educated in the latest safety techniques and standards to help minimize security risks.

Our highly customizable service does not end there. We provide solutions for all of your emergencies, no matter the type. Make sure to always use sound judgment when considering the necessary protection for you and your family.

Feel free to contact our customer service to get started right away.


Being locked out of your home or office can be troublesome. It can be a highly stressful setback in anybody’s day, that often means arrangements are postponed or cancelled, based upon how rapidly you can get your lock out resolved. All that has changed. Kirkland Locksmith gives 24/7 services at your convenience. Our locksmiths arrive quickly, as well as work rapidly so you can continue your life as fast as possible.


At Kirkland Locksmith, we know lockouts can happen anyplace, at whatever time. Regardless of the area or the time, the situation is inconvenient. That is why here, at Kirkland Locksmith, we offer 24/7 Emergency Locksmith services. As opposed to fussing about potentially breaking a window or costly lock out repairs, call one of our inviting locksmiths and we can help you as fast as we can. Our locksmiths are affordable, especially when compared to different systems for obtaining keys or repair expenses to windows and entryways. Our locksmiths are exceptionally prepared experts and can help you when you call.


One of the best methods to ensure you won’t be locked out is to always have a spare. You can keep your extra house key in the car or vice versa. Even giving a trusted family member or friend a spare set of keys can help prevent lockouts tremendously. There are always more convenient and efficient methods, but sometimes those methods do not always work. That is why our professionals can assist you with making a new key as you need. Obtaining new keys, especially vehicle keys, can be time consuming and expensive. Getting a new set of keys from Kirkland Locksmith can help to cut both of those in half.


In the event that you expect losing your key makes your vehicle more defenseless to being broken into, this service is for you. Kirkland Locksmith is prepared to put in new keys and ignitions. This serves to ensure the security of your vehicle long after the lockout call is finished. Getting your ignition replaced is a modestly priced alternative to purchasing an entire new vehicle. Our locksmiths are exceptionally prepared experts that can take care of business in an hour or less. Kirkland Locksmith is by a long shot your best alternative for ignition substitutions.


One of the most stressful things that can happen to a business or homeowner is getting locked out, Lockouts, no matter the location can cause loss of time, revenue, and ruin plans. These issues can hurt your business, cause destruction to your building or even leave you susceptible to more security issues. Our locksmiths can re-key your door or make duplicates as quickly as possible for your convenience.
Lockouts are no longer a bothersome issue for those in need, thanks to our variety of services. Our Kirkland Locksmith experts can arrive quickly and complete all jobs efficiently and effectively. You’ll be able to get back into your building or get back on the road in no time for a small, inexpensive fee. To reach any of our highly trained locksmiths, simply call in your order. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us the next time you find yourself locked out.


Business and Household lock systems can differentiate exceptionally depending upon the sort of security needed. When considering a commercial locksmith, you should consider a professional who has the commercial lock system capacity. Kirkland Locksmith is a master in supplying a combination of locksmith answers for business properties, whether it be a shop, office, or even an educational institution, our specialists are skilled with the capacities to put everything in order as needed. Our locksmiths are exceedingly skilled in the installation of frameworks that can be found in commercial structures, including biometrics finger printing, and also new bolt lock repairs. Our Kirkland Locksmith experts make it their number one need to ensure the wellbeing of you, your employees, and your business.


Despite the size of your business, the specialists at Kirkland Locksmith offer a plethora of services for your commercial needs. A huge amount of work goes into making a business productive and now and again, the security is neglected, yet exceptionally important. The security of your business assets, whether it be gainful stock or top secret reports, should be under the best security protection. Hence, your business requires the best standard of security conceivable. The business locksmiths at Kirkland Locksmith can deal with all your locksmith needs, from a little storeroom to the primary entranceway of your building.


If you have lost your key or only would like a copy of your key, our master locksmiths can manage this for you. Kirkland Locksmith offers re-keying services. Needing an extra or new key are commonplace issues that develop in business. Lost keys can have a hugely negative impact on your business, regularly bringing about loss of income and daily business activities. Our specialists have the ability to administer your re-keying needs, including combination and digital locks.


The aging and corroding of locks is a security issue that is often overlooked. Excessive use, common wear and tear, and aged locks can create problems for your security. Kirkland Locksmith specialists can install and repair old and eroded locks through simple techniques. If you believe your lock to be broken or compromised, contact one of our Kirkland Locksmith representatives.


If you are restoring an office or moving to another building, Kirkland Locksmith can help with the putting in new locking systems. The specialists at Kirkland Locksmith have hardware and the latest technology for your installation needs.


The most vital aspect to maintaining a business is knowing who has access to what and where. Not knowing this information can open your business up for incredible threats, especially financially. To shield your business from being at danger, you should consider substitute and master key services from Kirkland Locksmith. Our master key services allow the key holder to have complete control over who comes in and out and screens the development. This allows the complete monitoring of all employees who require access and are only given such access when you have allowed through the master key. This service, moreover, offers individual keys for your allocated employees, with limited private information.

We have specialists who work through the Internet, making it less demanding to deliver and service your needs. Other key cutting services include: Code numbered keys (i.e. lock boxes), furniture, entrances, master keys, high security keys, copy righted keys, and various others.


Other sorts of solutions that Kirkland Locksmith provides involve:

1. Keyless accessibility systems
2. Master locations
3. Insurance authorized installation
4. Emergency restoration and even more


Picture this. You’re walking across the parking lot, arms filled with groceries. You reach for your keys when you realize that you can’t find them. You search your pockets, your bags, even walking back inside to customer service. You walk back to your car and notice that you locked your keys inside the car. Great. Do you have spare set? No. Now you’re worried about your melting ice cream and your locked keys. What do you do? Do you break the window or just split the windowpane? Neither. Instead of causing unnecessary damage to your car, it is best to call a certified locksmith to save both your time and money.


Kirkland Locksmith is a 24/7 service that is available at your earliest or latest convenience. No matter the location or time, an emergency locksmith is ready to help you through whatever situation you may be facing, All that matters is ensuring your safety and helping you get back into your vehicle. To help save you money and time, simply call your emergency locksmith. The cost of Kirkland Locksmith is economical, especially when compared to other methods of key replacements and repair costs. Our locksmiths are trained for such situations and it is best to leave it to them to resolve instead of creating further issues.


To defend yourself against potential lockouts, consider giving a spare set of keys to a family member or trusted friend. This is your least expensive method. However, if this option is not available, having a locksmith from Kirkland Locksmith make you a new key is a viable option as well. Kirkland Locksmiths offers the ability to make fresh keys for your vehicle. Whenever you find yourself locked out, this spare key will help resolve any lockout issues immediately. This is an extremely useful method for those who are in a hurry or often find themselves misplacing their keys. A simple call to one of our locksmiths can get you with a new set of keys in your hand and back on the road in no time.


Have you ever found yourself in the precarious situation of losing your keys, but you feel as though getting a replacement set isn’t the only safeguard measure you should take? A service that you should consider is ignition replacement. Kirkland Locksmith technicians can change the ignition for you at your convenience, for an economically sound fee. This service helps to limit any risks and adds another layer of protection over your vehicle. This service has been found useful to our customers who may have had to forfeit keys or a stranger may have access to their keys and vehicle. Since car thefts are an increasingly growing issue, especially in cities, replacing the ignition can prove to be a major help and useful tool.

Stressing and fretting over how to manage lockouts and unwanted situations are now a thing of the past with our locksmiths from Kirkland Locksmith. Our locksmiths are highly trained to assist you resourcefully and effectively with as much haste and accuracy as possible. To contact one of our locksmiths, please fill out the form or call.


Locks are an essential component to ensuring the safety of your possessions and families. Because needs can vary, there are a variety of successful locking systems on the market. For household purposes, their security needs are not the same as commercial needs. Locksmiths operate as your link between your security needs and the lock that best suits your needs. Kirkland Locksmith offers all types of residential solutions.


Going about your daily activities, without worrying about all the what ifs regarding the safety of your loved ones and property, comes with having a highly efficient locking system. To ensure the wellbeing of your locks, it is essential to have a properly locking framework on your entryways and windows. This can help secure your home at all times whether you are there or not. The specialists at Kirkland Locksmith offer top quality locks, bolts, and services for your needs. Our locksmiths are very talented and knowledgeable with all the different sorts of locks, latches, and systems used to keeping your home secure.


Re-keying is an alternate procedure to making identical keys. Making identical keys requires a model key, which is frequently the missing key. Re-keying uses the locking framework to help make a brand new key, without the need of the missing key. Our experts at Kirkland Locksmith are skillfully prepared in this innovation and have no issue helping you with it.

Kirkland Locksmith can help you with all of your re-keying needs. This service is especially useful for those homeowners who have outdated, broken locks and fear that this can pose a serious security risk to them and their family. Furthermore, the lack of access to certain keys can impede access to certain parts of the house. Often times, homeowners buy old-fashioned homes and don’t have the keys to give them access to all of the rooms. In this case, new keys are a necessity. If these locks are still in good condition, our professionals can service you with new keys to make your home fully functional.


Now and again, locks can withstand maturing, and because of that, replacing locks may not, for the most part be the best decision. Generally, these cases require a simple repair. The locksmiths at Kirkland Locksmith can encourage you to make sense of what is the best solution for you, over the long haul, saving you money with a repair instead of a full replacement. The priority, however; is making sure that the lock you have functions well enough to keep you safe.


No matter the project or need, our locksmiths at Kirkland Locksmith can always assist you with choosing the correct locking mechanism and install the locks for you.

From drilling to testing, the locksmiths always perform their duties, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our locksmiths are constantly trained and educated in the latest technology for lock mechanisms and installations.


In addition to house locks, fences, sheds, and basements all require specific locks and different mechanisms. Each one of these requires a different type of residential locking system that is necessary to keeping your property secure. For example, your garage door requires a rolling lock whereas your storage shed requires a bolt lock. Our skilled professionals can help guide you to the correct system and install it accordingly.

Having a beautiful home is something everyone aspires to achieve. Every detail is considered, from the type of siding down to window framing. Locks and doorknobs are no exception. Though locks come in extremely nice designs and ornate patterns, that does not always guarantee security. Our trained locksmiths can help ensure that your newly designed lock always serves to protect you family as well.

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