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If you are having an emergency with your locks, be it at home or on the road, you should contact our professional customer service lines right away and have one of our master Locksmiths help you out in less than 25 minutes.
Take a look at our residential, commercial, automotive and emergency services.

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Call Fort Lauderdale Locksmith for getting your issues solved by using the advanced technology. Believe in our assistance because we are accessible night and day and we ensure that we reach our clients whenever they want us in the least time possible and at the most reasonable cost. We have locksmith specialists who are acquainted with the latest safety trade needs and they can offer solution to the challenges you are dealing with.
We have 24/7 options available too for individuals in Bellevue for emergency circumstances. If your car has got locked up and you have lost the keys, just give us a call and our locksmith will make a coded automobile key for you immediately. These locksmiths are experts with all kinds of locking parts, including deadbolts and the door buttons. These are trained consultants and locksmiths, who can assure you basic safety.


Fort Lauderdale Locksmith

151 NE 16th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA

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Zip Locksmith Fort Lauderdale

We have served the Fort Lauderdale community for long years now, and one thing that called our attention was that the closer you were to the Islands, the harder it was to get fast and affordable services.

Residential services in the area are unscrupulously inflated, and tend to be provided by less than qualified technicians that end up giving locksmiths a bad rep. But that is about to end.

Following an ambitious plan to expand beyond the typical commercial zones, Zip Locksmith just opened a strategically located venue right in the heart of the Victoria Park area. We are less than five minutes away from you, no matter if you are at Nurmi, Las Olas, Idlewyld, Riviera, or Rio Vista.

You do not have to drive deep inland to find a decent locksmith to help you out with a simple job or provide emergency services. We are located right on E Broward Boulevard for your convenience.

Emergency Services

If you arrived here because you are having an emergency with your locks or doors, then you are in the right place.

Give us a fast call right now and get a quote from one of our experts. We guarantee fixed affordable prices, timely response and professional handling.

Your property is important for us. We will take care of your doors and locks and make sure you save money in services and pieces by carefully repairing them and putting them back into place.

We can take care of any event, typical or unusual. Getting locked out of your home, jammed doors, broken keys inside a cylinder, vehicle lockout, overnight rekeying. You name it and our Fort Lauderdale locksmiths will make everything in their power to solve your problem quickly and for a perfectly reasonable price.

Residential Locksmiths

Zip Locksmith has served the Fort Lauderdale area for years now, and we know the particular needs of our neighbors.

By means of carrying only the best products and solutions for those who want to improve their home protection, we have gained exceptional reputation levels in the whole Florida State. We understand the particular challenges in the Fort Lauderdale area, such as high salinity and chances of corrosion for both doors and locks. That´s why we only deal with products that can withstand extreme environments, high humidity and environmental PH variations.

However, this should not be a limiting factor when acquiring doors and knobs for the typical homes we find here in Fort Lauderdale, especially the isles.

We have a close relationship with the best national and international door manufacturers who take great pride in their elegant and modern designs, especially made to withstand heavy abuse, while providing your home with the warmth and elegance you are looking for, and perfectly fit your personal architectural style.

Be sure to check our latest lock, knobs and handles collections. From brassy polished knobs to dark matte metal finishes for handles that look awesome on wooden gates. We have everything you need.

We also specialize in other home protection devices such as access control systems. Most of our clients in the isles have shown a preference for these elegant yet rock solid solutions given the flexibility and safety they provide. Be always in control of who access your premises and when by installing our latest models.

Remember that only a certified and licensed locksmith in Fort Lauderdale should be allowed to install these powerful devices. They are designed to have a guaranteed protective coverage only if installed correctly. Even the smallest miscalculation could turn a lock into a useless piece of technology by giving burglars a chance to bypass them.

Commercial Locksmith

Fort Lauderdale´s business scene is extremely eclectic and select. As a business located close to such a coveted water front, you know you can´t offer but the best to your regulars. This also includes security and accessibility.

A good lockset should not only keep your doors locked, but also provide enough accessibility for commercial use. Check out our security solutions for all kinds of businesses and improve both your protection and your foot traffic.

It does not matter if you have a storefront right by a heavily walked area, or if you have a small office building. You can benefit from many of our products especially designed to comply with all of the requirements of a commercial or working environment.

We also provide premium services for those who need a quick or urgent locksmith visit. We know how valuable your time is. That´s why we offer speedy services for businesses and work venues. A jammed door, or difficult access to vital areas of your workplace definitely represent time and money going down the drain no matter how big or small your operations are.

If you are serious about your business, you can only trust certified, licensed and bonded locksmiths in Fort Lauderdale.

Vehicle Locksmiths

Locks are everywhere. Your home, your workplace, and your vehicles. However, you have to make sure you hire only specialized vehicle locksmiths whenever you need the help of a professional for your car or your boat.

Your trusted boat locksmith will know what to do in case you lost your boat keys, or if you need to repair a rusted cylinder right away. We guarantee a perfect job every time and we offer reasonable prices for our clients.

On the other hand, our automotive locksmith specialists can open any door, or let you start any car. You only need to provide proof or property and your car is good as open and running in less than 10 minutes.

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