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It is extremely inconvenient and disruptive to be locked out of your home or office or car. While being stranded out of your intended destination, you cannot go ahead with your schedule for the rest of the day. It can be exasperating and worrying experience, especially if you have a packed day ahead or pressing matters to attend to.

Security is absolutely necessary if you have assets and possessions that you want to safeguard. However, one needs to recognize that the level of security will differ for different venues and/or possessions. There are plenty types of locking systems and mechanisms in the market which can be very confusing. A locksmith professional, being skilled and knowledgeable in this field, is the perfect person to advise the most suitable locking system for your security needs.

In order to minimize risk of loss of your assets or possessions, you may want to consider engaging Elk Grove Locksmith to address your security concerns.


We are a trustworthy service provider that you can rely on. We aim to respond to your call promptly, and keep our fees at a fair cost. Our locksmith professionals are experienced and extremely skilled in the latest security trade requirements.

The emergency and 24/7 mobile solutions team in Elk Grove Locksmith brings our shop to you. What this means is that our locksmith professionals are able to produce a coded vehicle key for you on the spot, to your convenience. Thus, resulting in less downtime for you. We carry door buttons and deadbolts in several types of finishes so that you could decide on the most aesthetically matching door buttons and/or deadbolts for your door locks. Providing you the best and most effective solution to your security concerns is our main priority. Do feel at ease with our employees, as they are all highly trained and skilled professionals.

Please feel free to contact us any time of the day if you have any query with regard to our services, and we will be glad to be of assistance to you. Our company accepts all major banks’ debit and credit cards. We look forward to be able to work for you.


It is critical that you appoint a licensed locksmith professional for your safety and security requirements. You should not entrust your security and safety needs to an unlicensed locksmith. Do not risk your family and your own safety by engaging an unlicensed locksmith. An unlicensed locksmith may not have the appropriate skills and knowledge to address your security concerns, and may do more damage to your security system instead. Hence it is very important that you deal with professionals only, as you should not take your security lightly or for granted. We believe that our professional services and products will exceed your expectations. If you wish to find out more, you may fill out and submit the form online under “Contact Us” and we will get in touch with you as soon as we receive it.

Are you looking for a trustworthy 24/7 locksmith that you can rely on? Are you locked out of your office, home or car and do not know what to do? Do you find emergency calls that provide you solutions in such situations, expensive? If you were to appoint us for our services, you need not fret anymore. We fully comprehend the stress and frustration of clients who are unfortunately caught in such lockout situations. That is the reason why we strive to provide our services to our clients swiftly and effectively to minimize inconvenience to our clients. If you were to engage our services, you can be rest assured that we will deliver to you our best service. With our solid reputation, we have secured a big portfolio of clients who appoint us for their security and safety requirements.

We provide you the solution to obtaining your keys with our expert professionals

When you find yourself in a lockout situation and require emergency support, you can call us through our emergency hotline. You will be assured that we will promptly work out a solution for you. Elk Grove Locksmith emergency lockout service team will show up at your destination shortly after your call, with the necessary equipment to address your problem. Upon understanding the cause of your lockout situation, the locksmith professional will be able to identify the next course of action to rectify the situation. Furthermore, an experienced locksmith will recommend you tips and solutions to avoid a similar lockout incident from recurring in the future. Of course, the age-old tip to give is to keep your keys at the same location as a habit to prevent you from losing or forgetting where you have placed them.

Multi-layer home protection with Elk Grove Locksmith

There are various systems to secure and protect your family, possessions and property, and to properly insure against risks. With his wealth of experience and knowledge in this field, an experienced locksmith will be able to recommend the most suitable type of home protection system based on your security concerns. There are several factors that will influence the recommended level of security for your home, of which will include, but not limited to, the location of your home and the presence of existing threats that your neighborhood and/or your family is experiencing.

We also provide bespoke solutions in emergency situations, industrial and vehicle locksmith solutions.

It is important to take a proactive stance towards the security of your home and possessions and your family’s safety, not a reactive stance. Prevention is always better than cure. It is neither practical nor reliable to have your dog guard your house for you. Do feel free to contact us so that we can discuss further about what we can do for you.


It is very disruptive when you find yourself unexpectedly locked out of your home or office. Your schedule will be messed up for the rest of the day while you are locked out of your intended destination, thus causing you to feel powerless and upset. However, there is an easy solution to this fix. Elk Grove Locksmith provides 24/7 emergency services to help you get out of such situations. The entire process is a very quick one, as the locksmith will only require a couple of minutes to unlock your lock. In no time, you will be able to get on with your day!


Elk Grove Locksmith has the tools and expertise to get you out of your awkward predicament of being locked out of your vehicle, office or home. If you do not have your keys or a spare set of keys with you, there is no other way to unlock your doors without damaging them or the locks. Keep calm and do not panick when you find yourself locked out, and do not attempt to smash your windowpanes or damage the locks or doors to regain entry access. Damaging the windowpanes or doors or locks, will leave your home, office or vehicle at risk of being robbed or stolen. Moreover, the cost and act of replacing damaged doors or locks or windowpanes are not worth the trouble. Contact Elk Grove Locksmith immediately to resolve this issue. Lockout incidents will be of non-issues with the locksmith’s prompt response and fairly affordable fees. With the appropriate tools and expertise under the locksmith’s belt, the locksmith is able to complete the task of unlocking the locks in a short while, thereby reducing the time that you are inconvenienced to the lockout.


Elk Grove Locksmith offers the key duplication for your locks. It is useful to have an extra set of keys, as it will insure you in the event that you are locked out or could not locate your keys. The extra set of keys will save you valuable time and money in the long run as you do not need to engage a locksmith professional every time you find yourself in a lockout situation. In times when you are in a hurry, Having an extra set of extra keys definitely helps especially in times when you are in a hurry. You could get on with your schedule rather than searching frantically for your misplaced keys. If the misplaced keys could not be found, you could then arrange for duplication of the keys for another extra set without a major disruption to your schedule.


If you have lost your car keys, or fear that someone may possess a duplicate of your car keys, thereby jeopardizing the security of your car, you may want to consider Elk GroveLocksmith’s re-key service. This service will provide you with a new key to start your vehicle, thus setting your mind at ease that your vehicle is well secured. Rather than risk having your vehicle stolen and as a result, having to purchase a new one, to arrange for your car engine to be re-keyed is definitely a cheaper option.  Moreover, the re-key procedure at Elk Grove Locksmith takes less than an hour.


It can be an extremely frustrating and stressful experience to find yourself locked out of your house and/or workplaces, as your schedule for the day will be messed up. Get in touch with a 24/7 locksmith professional immediately so that you limit the downtime and delay of your daily schedule. A workplace lockout will lead to business operations downtime and in turn, impact the business income for the day. Time is of the essence in such situations. Furthermore, the locksmith professionals are skilled and experienced to re-key your doors and provide you with duplicate keys, so that such predicaments can be prevented in future.

Do not panick or worry if you find yourself in a lockout situation. You may trust that the locksmith professionals will be with you at the shortest time possible upon your engagement of their services, and will provide their best services to you for a minor fee. You will be able to get on with your schedule in a jiffy!


Household and commercial properties require very different lock systems due to their differing levels of security. An experienced locksmith will be familiar and knowledgeable with the high level of security that commercial spaces require to safeguard the businesses’ interests.

Elk Grove Locksmith has a wealth of experience in providing locksmith solutions to commercial spaces and educational institutions. Elk Grove Locksmith understands the imperative need for businesses to ensure of its own security as well as their workers’ safety. Based on the expertise of the locksmith professional of Elk Grove Locksmith, he will be well adept to provide his best recommendation and services to you; be it ascertaining the best security system for the business at its entrance, or setting up a high level of security system throughout the entire business’ workplace. The most popular choice of security system amongst Elk Grove Locksmith’s clients is the complex locking system, which incorporates a fingerprint security system. Other than installing new locks, the commercial locksmiths also provide repair services to faulty locks.


Elk Grove Locksmith offers locksmith solutions to all sorts of businesses. To insure the business against any risk of loss or theft of valuable assets or information, there is a need to ensure that an effective security system is in place at your workplace. After understanding the type of assets you want to safeguard, the commercial locksmiths at Elk Grove Locksmith will recommend to you the most suitable security systems based on their vast experience and knowledge of the security systems in the market.


Elk Grove Locksmith provides re-keying services. This service is required in the event that you need to set aside an extra set of keys as backup or you require a new set of keys as the existing ones were misplaced.

Re-keying service is commonly sought after, as there will be occurrences where workers misplace or lose their keys, thus leading to a business lockout. A business lockout is an urgent issue, as any business downtime will have detrimental consequence to the business income for the day. The commercial locksmiths at Elk Grove Locksmith have the expertise and experience in rectifying such a situation by producing a key that would fit and unlock the locks. Be assured that they are able to provide for all types of locks.

If the locking system is digital, and it is malfunctioning or the combination code to the system is lost or forgotten, the locksmith is able to unlock it too and allow you access by retrieving the locking system’s combination code.


Due to excessive wear and tear or accidental damage, locks that are old may cease to function. Elk GroveLocksmith can repair such locks through servicing and lock restoration. It is important that the locks securing your property or assets are in excellent working condition so that they serve their purpose and continue to protect your property or assets. Hence, it is important that you engage a locksmith to service the locks, if not change out the faulty lock, when you notice your lock not working properly.


If you are developing or renovating your workplace and require changing out old locks with new ones, you may contact the professional locksmiths at Elk GroveLocksmith. Based on their vast experience and knowledge, they can recommend locksmith solutions upon understanding your security concerns. Although different models of locking mechanism have different installation processes, being highly skilled professionals they are well equipped with the knowledge and tools to help install the new locks.


If you are the boss of a company, you will need to appoint the authorized people who could gain access to your workplace. However, you will not want to jeopardize the security of your workplace, which in turn will impact your business by being careless. To add another layer of security for your workplace, you may consider obtaining the services of a substitute key expert from Elk Grove Locksmith. A substitute key expert will provide you a master key that gives you command over all accessibility of your workplace. All authorized persons who have access to the company’s secured locations, could only do so after you use your master key. Upon request, the locksmith professional can also produce personal keys to high-security locations which house confidential information.

The commercial locksmiths of Elk Grove Locksmith can provide you shearing and key substitute solutions online. With this online service, it saves you the trouble of delivering the keys to them physically. The type of keys for the key cutting services provided include (but not limited to) keys cut according to code numbers (e.g. keys to lock boxes), furnishings, doors, Master keys, high security keys and copy-protected keys.


Additional services and solutions that Elk Grove Locksmith can provide include:

  1. Keyless accessibility systems
  2. Master locations
  3. Insurance authorized installation
  4. Emergency restoration and even more



It is terribly late at night; you are exhausted from a day’s work and yearn to get back home for a good rest. You step out of the workplace, get to your car in the frosty weather and reach for your car keys. But, you are not able to find your car keys in your bag or pockets. You start to panick and search for the car keys through your bag and pockets again frantically. Just then, you finally spot your car keys, but they are lying in your car. You try to open the car door to get to them, but to your dismay, the car door is locked. You are now unfortunately locked out of your own car, and could not go home.

In this kind of scenario, you may be considering the option of smashing the windowpane of your car so that you could unlock the car door and drive home immediately. But you risk injuring yourself in the process, and having to spend a considerable amount of money and time to replace your broken windowpane. In the process of replacing the windowpane, there may be a need for you to leave your car with your car mechanic for a few days thus troubling yourself by not having transport for those days.

Rather than the troublesome option above or walking home after a long day’s work and leaving your car at your workplace, you may consider contacting your local vehicle locksmith for assistance.


Empathetic to the frustration that you are feeling in your lockout situation, the emergency locksmith professional endeavors to respond to your call as quickly as possible. With the prompt assistance of your friendly emergency locksmith, a vehicle lockout incident will barely be an issue for you. For a fair amount of fees, you can proceed with your journey and schedule as soon as the locksmith professional accomplishes his job. The locksmith professionals are experts in their field and are equipped with the right tools for the job, and hence the process of unlocking your car will be a very speedy one.


The locksmiths at Elk Grove Locksmith offers key duplication service for your automobile. Duplicating your automobile’s key allows you to have an extra key on hand, so you can avoid a lockout situation from occurring again in the future. We will recommend duplicating your key, as having an extra key is definitely handier and cost-friendly in the long run as compared to engaging an emergency locksmith to unlock your car each time that you are locked out of your car.

It can be extremely frustrating when you are in a hurry but you could not seem to be able to locate your car keys. Having an extra set of keys for your automobile will prove to be especially convenient in such times. You may then search for your lost car keys at a later time when you are no longer in a hurry. If the car key could not be found still, you may consider duplicating your key again for an extra set as a backup. With this arrangement, you need not fret that you will not have a car to drive and be stranded whenever you misplace your key.


Elk Grove Locksmith offers re-key service. You may consider to engage Elk Grove Locksmith’s re-key service If you have misplaced your car keys, or suspect that someone other than your family may possess a duplicate of your car keys, thereby jeopardizing the security of your car. Re-keying gives you a new key to start your vehicle, and thus assuring you that your vehicle is well secured. Rather than risk having your vehicle stolen and having to purchase a new mode of transport, having your car engine re-keyed is definitely a cheaper option and will give you a peace of mind.

Do not freak out or worry when you encounter a lockout situation. For a small fee, you can trust that the locksmith professionals at Elk Grove Locksmith to show up immediately upon your call and resolve your problem effectively and quickly.


It is essential to have locks if you intend to safeguard your valuable belongings. There is demand for various types of locks for various purposes, as the level of security is different for different types of possessions. For example, the requirements of locks for the household purpose are different from locks for commercial purpose, and therefore the type of lock used in each scenario will be very different.

If you face any problem with your lock systems, be it loss of key to your locking mechanism or fixing of your faulty locking mechanism, you would need to engage the services of a locksmith. Locksmiths in Elk Grove canprovide you effective solutions.


Have a peace of mind with the assurance that your valuables and assets are safe and secured within your home. Invest in good locks to secure your home. Up the level of security within your residence by ensuring that your cupboard locks are working too. Elk Grove Locksmith provides a range of top quality locks you can choose from.


Elk Grove Locksmith provides re-key services. This service is needed especially when you have outdated locks in a house that you have recently bought. In such situations, the locks may be worn out, and thus their keys may not fit into them properly. Or, the old locks may still be working, but the keys to them have turned rusty. In this case, you may just require a brand new set of keys to the old locks. Aside from the re-key service, Elk Grove Locksmith can service and repair old lock.

The locksmiths from Elk Grove Locksmith will test and check the keys provided to the locks in the house. If there are keys to some locks misplaced, they will produce new keys for the aforementioned locks. If you need an extra set of key for backup, you will need to provide the key for duplication to the locksmith. However, if the key is misplaced, there is no original key to duplicate from and thus the locksmith will have to base on his expertise and experience to produce the new key to the lock. Elk Grove Locksmith is highly skilled and qualified in providing this service and you can expect to be satisfied.


If your existing faulty locks are good locks and can provide reasonable security if they are fixed, the locksmiths from Elk Grove Locksmith would recommend fixing them rather than purchasing new ones to replace them. The locksmiths will place your security interests as the top priority, and will only suggest the replacement of the locking mechanism if it is outdated and beyond repair.


If you need to install new locking mechanisms or change out old locks for your home or property, Elk Grove Locksmith can recommend you the most suitable lock for your house, and will install and ensure that the lock works perfectly.

As the locksmiths are responsible for the entire installation process for the lock mechanisms, they recognize the need for them to be familiar and knowledgeable with the different lock requirements for different purposes, and be up-to-date with the types of locks in the market. This is so that they are able to provide you the best recommendation and service based on your security concerns.


Do not be mistaken that only the doors to your house require security. Your fence, basements and storage facilities require locking systems too, if you intend to fully secure your house. Elk Grove Locksmith can recommend you the best-suited locking mechanism for your security needs, depending on the items you want to safeguard. For example, the garage is recommended to have a rolling door locking mechanism in place, whereas the storage shed may be secured with just a lock.

Other than for their security functions, locks can be customized to be ornamental features on your doors. If your home has a design style theme, and the doors reflect that theme, you may want the locks on your doors to match the theme as well so that they do not look out of place. The locksmith will ensure that while the customized locks fit the style theme of your house, the level of security of your home will not be compromised.

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