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Locksmith Edmonds

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Experiencing problems with your keys, getting locked out of your office or home, and dealing withfaultylocks are issues that all of us have to deal with sometimes. If you’re dealing with any of these common problems, you must solve them properly and timely by calling a professional and qualified locksmith. Avoid wasting time. Stop resorting to improvised solutions or tampering with precision locks. The only effective way to open a lock, repair it, or duplicate a key, is to call your local professional and experienced locksmith.

You need to have a solution at hand in case you are facing problems with your locks, or if have been a victim of a home invasion and feel the need to revamp your whole security system. Never let these issues become bigger problems than they really are. Your day´s schedule is a really important thing. Do not let a faulty lock or a misplaced key force you to change your plans for the day.


Edmonds Locksmiths professionals have the most recent and up-to date technology to solve all your issues related to lockouts. It does not matter if it is your car, your office, your warehouse or your home, we are ready to go right where you are. We have gathered people who can be trusted and that know everything about the security industry. They are all willing to go the extra mile to find a solution to any specific problem you might have, or the answer to all your questions related to locks and security systems.

Where others might fail, we will surely succeed.You can rely on us because we will be ready whenever you need fast and dependable locksmith services for a fair price. Our professionals are always up to the task. Our mission is to transform our town into a completelysafe destination to do business.

Emergency and around the clock mobile solutions is what we offer. Edmonds Locksmith professionals will get there to provide you with our world class spot-on accuracy, speed and efficiency. Your protection is our major concern, and our technicians have a customer oriented training. They are experts in the industry, so you can rest assured that you will get the best protection. It does not matter if it is in your home, office or business studio, we will be there right when you need us. To get all the information and details regarding our expertise, do not hesitate to call us round-the-clock. One of our specialists will be happy to assist you with your queries. Our organization takes all major debit or credit cards and expects that in the future you’ll use our locksmithing expertise.


Our objective: to make your home, office or business a better and safer place. Never let the safety of the ones you care about in the hands of a total stranger. Only a licensed locksmith can be trusted when it comes to your safety. A lock is a precision device that should never be handled by unqualified individuals. This could cause your lock to malfunction or even harm it permanently. So, the next time you ask for the help of a locksmith, make sure he shows the appropriate credentials and official license. Edmond professional locksmiths are qualified professionals, and can be identified with our logo.

Anytime you have a lockout emergency, or need urgent assistance, you can be sure that Edmonds professional locksmiths will give you’re their professional help as soon as you call them, regardless of the problem you´re having. Maybe you misplaced your home or car keys, or you´re having problems accessing sensible areas of your workplace and your security system is giving you a hard time. On the other hand, you might have been a victim of a home invasion and are looking for the best options to improve your security system. In any case, feel free to contact us to have your problem solved timely and efficiently. Edmonds Professional Locksmith emergency lock-out service will be there for you any time of the day all year round.

However, it is recommended that you´re regularly in touch with your local locksmiths so you have all the information you need to keep your home and business safe. Their advice will help you avoid making many of the mistakes that most people do. Many security breaches are the result of negligence produced by lack of information. Be sure to call your local locksmith at Edmonds, and get to know more about your locks, how to take care of them and what other security options are available for you.

You can avoid having to call your local locksmith experts only when you have a lockout emergency. For example you can try to keep track of your keys at all times. Maybe you could assign a pocket where you always keep your keys. Or decide you will always put your keys on top of the kitchen counter as soon as you enter your home. The idea is to create a routine. This way you will never have to worry about misplacing your keys or forgetting where you put them. Routines are a very important part of your own security because they help you save time and keep you from having some of the most common security problems. Knowing where your keys are, can help you save time and money as you won´t need the help of a locksmith too often.

Definitely, any qualified locksmith would agree that the most important reason to get an up-to-date home protection is to make sure your loved ones are safe. We will make sure you get the most suitable protection for your home and property, always having your best interest in mind. We can as well offer the best security system specially tailored for your commercial needs.

Do not hesitate to contact our team at any time. The best way to avoid lockout emergencies is to be ready for them. Our specialist will always be ready to offer the best advice on how to take care of your keys, what are the best locks for your specific needs and how to take care of them. We are always ready to assist you and will be more than happy to answer any question about our services and rates.


Few things are worse than realizing you got yourself locket out of your home or office. Your whole agenda ends up being altered. Sometimes, this could even mean that you lose a whole day of work or relaxation if you forgot your keys and do not have any spare set. Fortunately, you do not need to worry. Professional Locksmith Edmonds offers an emergency service that works around the clock seven days a week. The time of the day is never an issue if you need your door opened. Our locksmiths will arrive as soon as possible and your lock will be opened in less than five minutes. Contact the locksmiths of Edmonds any time you get locked out and get back on schedule.


There is always a professional locksmith at Edmonds ready to help you at any time. It does not matter if you left your keys inside your car, or you forgot the keys to your office right inside. The best way to solve this common problem, without the help of an extra set of keys, is to call your local locksmith. Keep calm and call the locksmiths at Edmonds and avoid having any additional problems. A professional locksmith is actually less expensive than replacing a window or a damaged lock, and will save you a lot of the time you would waste if you decide to go about your business without a car. You will not experience unnecessary delays as our locksmiths will arrive rapidly with all the necessary tools and expertise for solving your problems in no time. 


It is always wise to have a spare key to your car, home or office. Professional locksmith Edmonds can make the spare keys you need so you never get yourself locked out again. Leave the extra key in your house so when you´re locked out, a member of your family can pick it up and deliver it right where you are. Having an extra key is really important as it will save valuable time and money that you might otherwise spend on locksmith services in the long run. If you forgot your keys and need to use your car right away, extra keys are of great value to help you save the time you would spend looking for them.


There are situations that might force you to have your ignition re-keyed. Maybe you misplaced your keys, or suspect that someone might have created a duplicate. If you fear your property could fall victim of robbers, regain your peace of mind by calling Professional locksmith Mountain Terrace. Our locksmiths can modify the cylinder in your car´s ignition, and provide you with a new set of keys. Edmonds locksmiths also boast the most efficient and cost-effective services. In less than an hour your fear of robbers threatening your property will be a thing of the past.


Home and business lockouts are among the most common occurrences. Getting home at night, or going to your office early in the morning, just to find out you left the keys inside, can make the rest of the day become a nightmare. However, you must not worry because you have an emergency locksmith available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Forget about closing for the day or breaking a window to get inside your home. Professional locksmith Edmonds will immediately send someone to help you open that door in less than five minutes, make duplicates, or re-key your home or office door. There will always be someone available to help you enter your home or office without wasting your valuable time.

There is no need to worry when you get yourself locked out or when you have a problem with your locks. The experts at Edmonds are always at your disposition and will solve all your problems quickly and efficiently. Shortly, you will have your keys back in your hands, and you will be safely driving home or back into your office. Your local locksmith is only a call away. Keep calm and make the right choice. Avoid the costs of having a window changed.


The reasons to have a lock are different. Locksmith services for commercial establishments require special expertise to know what your venue demands. Edmonds locksmiths put at your disposition the widest array of options for shops, stores, warehouses, and even educational institutions. Our professional locksmiths take into account every corporate aspect and requirements of your personnel and business. The commercial locksmith is a specialist that studies the needs of a business and makes sure to provide the best security system for your front door, gates and storerooms. They can even help you install a high profile biometric security system for a large office building. It does not matter how complex your corporate needs are, our professional locksmiths have the knowledge and tools for the job. They can also repair and service locks.


Size does not matter to professional locksmiths at Edmonds. We provide service to the widest range of commercial venues, understanding that a successful business needs to be protected. Our locksmiths are always able to find the best ways to protect the heart and soul of your business. These can be vital documents, delicate machinery, valuable goods, and even the wellbeing of your employees. They offer solutions that range from locking systems for cabinets, to electronic and biometric locks for your front door, storerooms or basement.


Making an extra copy of your keys is not a problem. Professional locksmiths at Edmonds offer solutions that include the making of precise duplicates of your keys. The loss or misplacement of keys are not uncommon events in the business community. With various individuals that have duplicates, the odds of one of them losing a key are very high. On the other hand, a business should have lock-out scenarios in mind. Your business can be affected if it is slowed down by such inconveniences. Locksmiths at Edmonds offer the best and most efficient solutions, as they have the knowledge and experience required for taking care of your specific hardware needs. It does not matter what kind of locks you have, they make sure you get the keys you need and are able to open your business again without losing valuable time.

If you have a malfunctioning digital lock, or you forgot the access code, our professional locksmiths can help you open the lock and retrieve the code in no time.


Locks are like any other piece of hardware. They can wear out due to excessive use or abuse, harsh weather, or even breaking-in attempts. Outdated locks can also cause problems when they start jamming. Professional Locksmiths Edmonds offer fast and reliable solutions for these events so your can have your lock working slickly again in no time. Your safety depends on your lock working smoothly. If you feel your lock requires maintenance or that the door latch is not closing smoothly, call the locksmiths at Edmonds and have it serviced or to get a whole new lock.


Edmonds locksmiths offer you the best of solutions when it comes to changing outdated locks, setting new locks or completely redesigning the security system in your workplace. Our locksmiths come with all the necessary hardware and tools to get their job done efficiently. Knowing that each lock is unique, as well as each client´s needs, our professional locksmiths are trained to respond to the highest demands and install the newest hardware no matter how complex it is.


Your responsibility as the one in charge of your business gives you the need to know who has access to the vital areas of your company. You cannot let the safety of your business to be put at risk. Contact the professional locksmith in Edmonds to get a replacement key service, which will also provide you with a master key system that enables you to limit the access to vital areas at any time. This system is of absolute importance if you need that your personnel has access restricted areas only when you give use the master key. You can also request custom keys for accessing areas of special interest.

With the ubiquitous presence of the internet, now you can contact commercial locksmiths online and get key cutting and replacements without the hassle of sending your keys to have them duplicated. These services include:

  • Code-based key cutting for lockers, furniture, doors…
  • Master Key solutions.
  • Keys with copy protection.
  • Custom keys made only with customer authorization.


Edmonds also offers other solutions for your business.

  1. Keyless security systems
  2. Master Suites
  3. Insurance approved installation
  4. Emergency service and retrieval



Picture this scene: After a long day of hard work, you want to come home as the dark and cold night surrounds you. As you walk outside to the parking lot, you search your pockets for your car keys. The fear starts growing while you go from your pants to your jacket, realizing you might have left them locked inside your car. You see through the driver´s seat window and find the keys are right on the driver´s seat. Without any chance of reaching them, the thought of breaking one of the windows just to get your keys is not a pleasing one. Replacing the glass will not come cheap, and you would be creating yet another problem that will need to be solved the next morning. This dreaded situation can happen at any time. Your time and money are very important assets so, before doing something you might regret, contact your local locksmith.


When you´re locked out of your car, it does not matter if you are in your office or at home, the best option is to call your local locksmith. Avoid having to break a window, damage a door or walk long distances. If you live in the Edmonds area, call the Professional Locksmiths at Edmonds and they will promptly assist you no matter where you are. They will help you save time and money, and will provide a professional and fast service. Locksmiths in Edmonds offer the fastest and most efficient service in the area. They are specifically trained in opening locked vehicles, and have the right tools to do it. Breaking a window or walking home would cost you a lot of time and money. A professional locksmith is your best option if you want to avoid spending more money and return home safely.


Locksmiths in Edmonds are the best team of experts able to create a new set of car or home keys for you. Next time you´re locked out of your car or home, you can use the extra key to avoid the hassle of having to call a locksmith again or breaking a window to enter. Leave the extra key in your house, or a place you can easily reach in case you get locked out, any member of your family can pick them up and take them where you are. Having an extra key is really important as it will help you save the valuable time and money you might spend on locksmith services in the long run. If you don´t remember where your keys are and need to use your car right away, these extra keys are of great value to help you save the time you would spend looking for your car keys.


Maybe you did not forget your keys, but someone seized them. Leaving your keys misplaced is not an uncommon occurrence, but it is something that could put your life and possessions at risk. Professional locksmiths of Edmonds can modify the key holes of your car´s ignition or your home door without a problem. Regain your peace of mind by knowing your car and home are safe again. If you believe your keys have been seized by someone, or have been duplicated, you can ask for your ignition lock cylinders to be modified. The thought of someone entering your home can be terrifying. You don´t need to suffer the anguish of not feeling safe at home. Placing a new lock or changing your lock cylinders can put your mind at ease and keep your valuables safe.

There is no need to worry when you get locked out of your home or car. Call the locksmiths in Edmonds and they will arrive shortly with the necessary tools to get you out of trouble. You will soon have your keys back in your hands and will be able to get back to your office or property in no time. The costs of having your door or car opened by a locksmith professional is relatively insignificant compared to all the other alternatives. Next time you find yourself locked out, a simple phone call will be enough to avoid wasting time and money.


One of the most important things that help protect your valuable possessions is a lock. Each workplace, home, office or any other related place has some very valuable belongings that you need to protect. This is the reason why various locks succeed in the market. For example, for household purposes, the requirements are not the same as those in the business environment.Therefore, you’ll find the household locks very different from those used incommercial locations. Edmonds Locksmiths are the specialists you need whenever there’s a problem with your lock systems. Said problems can be of many kinds. Either you want to fix your broken locking mechanism, or you misplaced the key to your workplace and you need immediate access. Worn out and damaged locks need immediate fixing, as a compromisedlock means compromised security, and who would want that? Edmonds Locksmiths offer you all kinds of residential locksmith solutions.


For some, the only way to have a sound sleep is when we know that all of their important things are free of risk, and they´re safe at home. This can be only possible when there aregood locks securing windows and entrance doors protecting your property. It is also really important that the cupboard lockers and garage doors are robust enough, so you feel you don´t have to worry about someone going after your belongings. In Edmonds Locksmiths, we guarantee the tranquility you need.Our professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the safety any place needs.


Professional Edmonds Locksmiths also offer re-keying solutions. Would you like a duplicate to your keys? Edmonds Locksmiths Professionals will put their knowledge and expertise to your service and create key sets that specifically match your locks. These requests are quite common in the business world as well. It is not uncommon that individuals lose or misplace their workplace keysor face lock-out scenarios. If you don’t promptly solve these problems, they can significantly impact your business in negative ways.

If the digital or biometric locking system stops working properly, the combination to the keyless lock does not work, or anemployee has forgotten the passcode, then only a professional locksmith should be tasked to retrieve the code and gain access to the locked area for you.


Edmonds Locksmiths are dedicated to provide an exceptional service when the restoration and repair of a lock requires the traditional artistry any antique and prized lock requires. We are specialists in the manufacture of custom-made parts and replacements for outdated locks. We will accurately restore and manufacture keys and component parts for locks of historic significance. If you have a very special lock from your personal collection that requires attention, or if you require refurbishment and/or a repair job for an old lock still in service today, look no more. Call us. This is what we do best.


The skillful technicians at Edmonds Locksmiths have the required expertise to handle any kind of door lock installation service. From a simple door latchadjustment to the installation of complete security entry systems for your recently remodeled home. They will always use the latest tools of the trade and do an impeccable labor, performing a 100% satisfactory job. Once you find the best lock to fit your door type and requirements, our technicians will use their knowledge to install and have it working in no time.

At Edmonds Locksmiths, we offer fully guaranteed door lock installation services around the clock. Our services include the complete installation and fine-tuning of any locking system you might need for your home. We provide whole locking systems and comply with the highest and most up to date standards of the industry.


Other areas of your home also have their own locking requirements and specification. Storage areas, fences, cupboards and basements also require their own locking systems. The professionals at Edmonds Locksmiths can advise you on the most suitable choice for your locking mechanisms, to ensure each location has the necessary protection. For instance, the garage doormight require rolling lock mechanisms, while you might want smart locks installed on your front door.

Besides counseling, our locksmith also let you choose the appropriate type of locks, or have one custom-made to meet your specific requirements.Edmonds professional locksmiths also guarantee that your property will be completely protected.Just installany of our locks on your place, and enjoy your peace of mind.


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