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If you are having an emergency with your locks, be it at home or on the road, you should contact Zip Locksmith Devon customer service lines right away and have one of our master Locksmiths help you out in less than 25 minutes.
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Why Choose Zip Locksmith Devon?

Welcome to Zip Locksmith Devon, We are not the top professional Devon locksmith company by chance.
With a dozen awards, we thrive to give the best locksmith services throughout the entire US where we have locations at.
From emergency 24-hour locksmith services to industrial and automotive projects,
We offer transparent pricing and highly personal service to ensure you get unparalleled peace of mind at the best price.
A job is not well done until the client shakes our hand with confidence and a big smile on his face.

We always strive to provide the most reliable service that is both fairly priced and effectivem,
No matter how urgent or complex your safety needs may be, rest assured that Zip Locksmith can provide for you.
Our experts are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. We operate a vast network of teams and our fleet is the biggest and well-equipped.
Rest assured that you will get the most reliable and professional service always with the best bang for your buck.
Whenever, Wherever, Give us a call and we'll be there faster than you think.

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Locksmith Devon

Best Locksmith in PA • 24/7 – Zip Locksmith

Devon Locksmith

321 S Valley Forge Rd, Devon, PA 19333, USA

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Locksmith Devon

Welcome to Zip Locksmith, now located in Devon. The North-West side of Philadelphia is now covered with our expert locksmith and emergency lockout services. Now, calling a locksmith in Berwyn is guaranteed to get you the fastest and more affordable service in the city. We also cover Wayne and Villanova.

Zip Locksmith is a well-known locksmith service based in Philadelphia, and we pride ourselves in the work we do. Our devotion to perform the best jobs with a proactive attitude is evident in every aspect of our business. We do our best to create a positive locksmithing experience for each client who calls for assistance by attending their exclusive desires with accuracy, expertise and respect. Call us today for an immediate solution of your locksmithing needs.

Fully satisfying our clients is our main concern. With each job we perform comes a warranty of its quality and durability. If you are somehow worried about or unsatisfied with the job we’ve done we beg you to let us know. We will do whatever it takes to correct what needs to be corrected and ensure your protection and safety. Also, our devotion to quality above all, helps us to make any customer happy, and we look forward to prove it to you. When you choose Locksmith Devon, you are choosing the best prices, a polite and prompt service and an over the top job quality and products. We have a strong community supporting approach, and because of this, we strive to provide the best security service to the homes, business and vehicles of this wonderful city.

A quick view of our services

All our locksmithing services are 24/7 with no exceptions. Being available at all times no matter what is a way to create confidence in our customers in Devon and surrounding areas. The expert technicians of Locksmith Devon have skills and equipment to succeed against any lock issue in your house, car or of office. Here you have some additional information about what we do, but feel free to call us if you have any question, or if you have a particular request that is not listed:

Automotive Locksmith Devon

Our locksmiths have developed mastery in handling lockouts, ignition problems, trunk obstruction, duplicate keys and even more complex devices such as transponder keys. We can provide you with prevention devices such as alarms and anti-theft steering wheels. Furthermore, the technicians at Locksmith Devon can also repair or perform maintenance to the internal locks like the glove box. We have made a great investment in locksmith training and technologies, so we can service cars of all kinds, and there are a lot of locksmiths who cannot say this.

Locksmith Devon Automotive service provide emergency assistance in any location inside the Devon area. We can also service some neighborhoods in the surroundings. Our mobile units will respond to any request in less than 40 minutes. We always put the emergency calls on top of the list, so you can be sure we will be there in a very short time. If you are a traveler visiting us and somehow you are not sure if we can service you in your current location, call us without doubts!

Residential Locksmith Devon

The locksmith profession holds a great responsibility. However, a lot of people ignore this fact; we are your first line of defense when it comes to be safe at your home in the night. I you think through the matter, your safety will be as good as the locks you made your locksmith install in your home, which means it will be as good as your locksmith!

At Locksmith Devon being the best at home security is not a matter of choice. We know that excellence and flawlessness are the only way to survive as a business, and this applies to most residential locksmith services. Contrasting with many companies, we can take care of all features of home security, starting with your outer gate, garage and mailbox locks, following with the CCTV system and motion sensors and finally with every single lock inside your house. We can provide many different levels of security, and we can help you decide which one is the most suitable thanks to our risk assessing team.

Don’t be shy and call us today! You know as well as we do that your home security holds a topmost importance and this fact drives us to always improve our service quality. Be sure of choosing a company worthy of your trust. Make us your decision and we will send away your worries at the best prices in the market. 

Commercial Locksmith Devon

At Locksmith Devon we are essentially a security service. We could say that making your business more secure is the reason of our existence. Because of this, we have managed to develop a comprehensive service for your commercial buildings. Our risk assessing team can provide a full analysis of your needs based on your location, number of workers and the activities you perform. After that, we can propose a complete and efficient security system, completely adapted to you needs.

We know everything about the legal safety regulations, so if you are starting your business we are your best choice to meet all the requirements that your employees deserve, saving you some trouble in the meantime.

Our services include lock fixing and replacing, rekeying and master keying, access control systems with many security layers, safe installing and programming, armored anti-theft doors, CCTV systems and motion sensors, among many other options. Sure, we also provide an emergency service, so you never lose work hours. Our businesses are the future of our city, and our mission is to protect their security at all costs!

We are your service of choice

Locksmith Devon has been servicing the Devon area and its surroundings for several years. We have seen many customers get back to their normal lives thanks to our quick response, and our increasingly good car, residential and commercial locksmith services.

All our technicians are licensed by the American Locksmiths Association (ALOA), and are properly insured and bonded. We also make sure to make a complete background check to be sure we are hiring the best of the best. Of course, our locksmiths are continuously researching and studying new technologies and techniques to improve their skills so you always have access to the latest breakthroughs in the security field.

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