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Zip Locksmith Covington

Welcome to our location in Covington. Many residents between Seattle and Tacoma struggle to find good local services that match those readily available to neighborhoods in the big cities. Zip Locksmith evaluated the best places to open up shop and bring our excellent service to those living in blooming communities south of Seattle.

Covington proves to be a great location as it is right in the middle of everywhere. Its business environment is on the rise, and residential developments are a common sight. This makes this small city the best place today to start a business or a family. Zip Locksmith Covington is on a mission to become the number one provider of security solutions for those who live in this awesome community.

Residential Services

The demographic increase experienced by Covington has made it imperative for contractors to offer stronger locking options for their residential projects. We are proud of having served as advisors and suppliers for many of these new developments.

Our expert technicians offer residential locksmith services aimed to solve the most common problems faced by home owners.

Lock out, lost keys, jammed doors, rekeying. All these situations require an expert locksmith with the ability and knowledge to solve them without having to resort to destructive or damaging methods. In fact, all of our Covington locksmiths are licensed, insured and bonded.

Commercial Services

A locked office or workplace could be catastrophic in terms of expenses. Every hour your doors remain closed, can be translated into hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost business opportunities and wasted salaries.

Having a trusted locksmith in Covington is a precaution that has helped many businesses save a lot of time and money. We offer emergency help for businesses if they are experiencing lockouts, or are having problems with their keys. We also unlock access control systems, keyless locks, and can repair alarm systems without causing any damage to them.

Zip Locksmith Covington is also a licensed retailer for most security manufacturers, both national and international. We offer the latest security doors, vaults, access control systems, keyless locks and more.

If you own a store front anywhere between Seattle and Tacoma, you should give us a call. We can provide you with electric locks, door closers, panic bars, CCTV systems and high grade locks to protect your goods, your employees and your customers.

Automotive Locksmith

There are many con artists trying to make a quick buck using scam techniques on unsuspecting victims who are locked out of their cars in the middle of the road.

Fortunately, Zip Locksmith now covers the whole Covington-Maple Valley area, making sure to have you covered whenever you are having a situation with your car locks. Our expert technicians have the necessary training to guarantee your lock will be open in minutes without any damage done to your car.

We can open your car´s door, trunk and can even help you start your car if your ignition cylinder is damaged or if you lost your keys.

Never fear being out in the night alone, waiting for help to arrive. Our mobile units are always ready to help you out no matter where you are. After we open your car doors, we can even craft a brand new key set for you on the spot. All made with extreme precision and for the best price.

Need to install an effective antitheft device in your car? You can make it hard for thieves to go after your vehicle. Contact our security experts and receive the best advice on how to make your car unstealable. Every one of our products is guaranteed to work without damaging or interfering with your car´s electronics. Always make sure your products are installed by a certified and licensed locksmith.

Emergency Locksmith

If you are having an emergency with any of your locks or doors, you better call Zip Locksmith NOW.

Do not attempt to force your doors, or tamper with your locks. You will only make everything worse and, possibly, make your locksmith bill higher. This is one advice we often give to our customers. A lock is made to be sturdy and resistant. However, when they get jammed, or when your key snaps inside it, any kind of abuse might just make things worse, forcing your locksmith to drill the lock open. This have additional costs, as you will have to replace the lock altogether.

Ziplocksmith Covington recommends calling your locksmith immediately if there is any sign of jamming or lock malfunction. Your lock will work like new in a few minutes and it will help you keep your bills low.

Call us any time, any day. There is always someone on the phone 24/7. That is why Zip Locksmith is the preferred solution in Washington.

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