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Locksmith Burien

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It can be an awfully annoying and stressing ordeal to be locked out of your home or office or car. While stranded, you are not able to continue with your calendar events for the day. We can fully empathize that you are feeling vexed and worried, especially when you have an occupied day ahead or running late for important meeting.

Security is absolutely important when you have assets and possessions that you want protected. The level of security will vary for different venues and/or possessions. You would not want to under-secure your possessions and endanger their security; neither would you want to over-protect your possessions and waste your money.

There is a great deal of models and types of security structures and instruments in the market, which can be very confusing to the average Joe. A locksmith master, being capable and adapted in this field, is the perfect individual to advise you on the most suitable locking system based on your security needs.

Striving to minimize danger of loss of your assets and/or belonging, Burien Locksmiths aims to address your security concerns.


Burien Locksmiths has the latest technology and knowledge to address your lockout issues and car key substitute.

We are a trustworthy service supplier that you can rely on upon. You can anticipate that we will respond to your call swiftly, and keep our charges at a fair rate. Our locksmith specialists are experienced and amazingly skilled in the latest security trade requirements.

The crisis and 24/7 mobile solutions team in Burien Locksmiths conveys our shop to you. This implies that our locksmith specialists have the ability to make a coded vehicle key for you on the spot, to your convenience. Resulting in less downtime for you. We carry with us door catches and deadbolts in a few sorts of finishing so that you could pick the most matching door catches and/or deadbolts for your door locks. Providing you only the best recommendations to your security concerns is our central objective. Feel rest assured with our locksmith experts, as they are all very gifted and capable specialists in this field.

Feel free to contact us at whatever point if you have any request or query regarding the services we offer, and we will be glad to be of assistance to you. Our company accepts major bank’s credit and debit cards. And we look forward to be of service to you.


It is essential that you only obtain the services of an approved locksmith professional for your security needs. You should not rely on an unlicensed locksmith for your security and wellbeing needs. By utilizing the services of an unlicensed locksmith, you are taking chances with your family and your own safety. An unlicensed locksmith may not have the adequate capacities and tools to address your security concerns, and may bring about more damage to your failing security system. It is therefore rather basic that you onlyengage authorized locksmith specialists, as you should not undermine the need for your security. Our highly professional services and products we carry will definitely meet your expectations. Should you wish to find out additional information, you may fill out and submit to us the online form under “Contact Us” and we will connect with you when we get it.

Are you sourcing for a reliable and professional 24/7 locksmith that you can trust? Are you unfortunately bolted out of your office, home or car and clueless on what to do next? Do you find the cost of emergency calls that offer assistance in such circumstances, excessively much? You need not worry a single bit if you engage our services. We fully comprehend the worries and frustrations of clients who unfortunately wind up in such lockout circumstances. That is the reason why we endeavor to serve our clients at the shortest time possible and minimize the inconvenience caused by the lockout. With us, you can be rest ensured that we will give you our best. With our solid reputation, we have secured a score of clients who delegate to us their security necessities.

We provide you the solution to obtain your keys with our expert professionals

When you wind up in a lockout situation and desperately require dire help, you can reach us on our emergency hotline. You will be ensured that we will quickly work out a solution for your issues. Burien Locksmiths emergency lockout service group will show up at your destination not long after your call, with the right instruments to address your issue. After comprehending the cause behind your lockout situation, the locksmith master will be able to quickly identify the best course of action to deal with the situation. Moreover, an well experienced locksmith will provide you tips on how to avoid a lockout scene akin to the present situation from rehashing in future. Clearly, the age-old tip is to keep your keys at the same spot as the tendency of losing or forgetting where you have set them will be significantly diminished.

Multi-layer home protection with Burien Locksmiths

There are distinctive structures to protect and ensure your family’s safety, property and data, against any risk. With his wealth of experience and know-how in this field, an expert locksmith will have the ability to propose the most suitable kind of home security structure in perspective of your security concerns. There are a couple of factors that will affect the recommended level of security for your home, of which will include, however not limited to, the territory of where you live and existing risks present in your neighborhood and/or your family is experiencing.

We give bespoke arrangements in emergency circumstances, industrial and vehicle locksmith solutions.

It is fundamental to take a proactive position towards the security of your home and possession and your family’s wellbeing, not a responsive position. Prevention is better than cure. You should not depend on your dog to protect your home for you. Get in touch with us so we can speak further about what we can finish for you.


It is can be really troublesome and a waste of precious time when you find yourself stranded out of your home or office. Your timetable is jumbled for the remaining hours of the day while you try to get out of this sticky situation, and it is understandable if it makes you feel bothered and angry with yourself. But fret not, as there is a straightforward answer to this fix. Burien Locksmiths offers 24/7 emergency service to save you out of such dilemmas. The entire procedure is going to be a quick one, as the locksmith professionals simply require minutes to open your lock and have you regain entry. In no time, you are able to get on with your day!


Burien Locksmiths has the instruments and know-how to get you out of this difficult predicament of being stranded out of your vehicle, office or home. If you don’t have your keys or an additional set with you, you may think that there is no other way to deal with the lockout situation without smashing the doors or locks in your panic. Try to abstain from freaking out and do not stress when you find yourself locked out, and do not try to ruin your windowpanes or the locks or doors to regain access. Having your windowpanes or doors or locks damaged, will leave your home, office or vehicle at peril of being looted or stolen. You need to consider that the cost and inconvenience of supplanting spoilt doors or locks or windowpanes will not be worth the effort. Contact Burien Locksmiths quickly to solve your problem. Lockout events will barely be any issue to you with the locksmith’s prompt response and minimal charges. With the right instruments and ability, the locksmith expert has the ability to opening the locks at the quickest time. Subsequently diminishing the downtime that is resulted because of the lockout.


Burien Locksmiths is able to help you duplicate keys for your locks. It is important to have an extra set of keys, as it will be of an extraordinary help should you unfortunately discover yourself locked out or not able to locate your keys. With an extra set of keys, lots of time and money can be saved in the long run as you do not need to obtain the services of a locksmith professional every time you wind up in a lockout situation. Particularly in times when you are in a rush, owning an extra set of keys can be a lifesaver. You could get on with your scheduled events as opposed to searching for your lost keys frantically. If the lost keys couldn’t be found at a later time, you could then arrange for the duplication of the set of keys for another extra set without any significant interruption to your timetable.


If you have lost your car keys, or believe that another person may have a duplicate of your car keys, thus risking the security of your car, you may need to consider Burien Locksmiths‘s re-key administration. This administration will issue you another key to begin the motor of your vehicle, and you can relax realizing that your vehicle is all that much secured. As opposed to taking a chance with your vehicle stolen, resulting in you having to purchase another, to have your vehicle’s engine re-keyed is, beyond question, an inexpensive option. Furthermore, the re-key method at Burien Locksmiths takes under 60 minutes.


It can be a terrible and worrying experience to find yourself locked out of your home and/or work spaces, especially if you have urgent matters to attend to but cannot as you are not able to get to it. Contact a 24/7 locksmith professional immediately so you minimize the delay of your arrangements for the day. A workspace lockout will result in business operations downtime and thereby influencing the business outlook for the day. Wasted time is money lost, especially in business lockout situations.Furthermore, the locksmith professionals are skilled and experienced to re-key your doors and provide you with duplicate keys, so that such predicaments can be avoided in future.

Stay calm in case you wind up in a lockout condition. You can be assured that the locksmith professionals will be with you at the briefest time possible upon your engagement of their services, and will give their best help to you for a minor charge. In no time, you will be able to get on with your events for the day!


As household and commercial properties have very different security needs, it is only expected that different lock systems will be recommended to satisfy their respective security requirements. A locksmith professional is the most qualified person to advice on the best suited lock systems for commercial spaces, as businesses need high levels of security to safeguard their interests.

The locksmiths of Burien Locksmiths are experts in the field of security and lock systems. and are highly experienced and knowledgeable in providing locksmith solutions to commercial clients and educational institutions. Businesses see the need to ensure their own security as well as their employees’ safety, and Burien Locksmiths fully understands that point. The locksmiths of Burien Locksmiths are highly trained professionals, and are well equipped with experience and knowledge to give the best recommendation and service to clients; be it advising you the most suitable security system for your office’s entrance according to your security needs and budget, or installing a complex and elaborate security system for the whole of your workspace. It may be of interest to you that the most popular choice of security system amongst Burien Locksmiths’s commercial clients is the complex locking system, which incorporates a fingerprint recognizing security system. The commercial locksmiths of Burien Locksmiths also offer repair services to faulty locks.


Burien Locksmiths offers a wide range of locksmith solutions to our commercial clients. We will suggest that you consider setting up an effective security system in your office to minimize the risk of loss or theft of valuable assets and/or information in your business. Upon discussing with you on the type of assets and/or information that you wish to protect in your business workplace, the commercial locksmiths at Burien Locksmiths will recommend you, based on their vast experience and expertise, the best security system available in the market that will match your security requirements.


Re-keying service is provided at Burien Locksmiths. Re-keying service is required when you need an extra set of keys as a backup set, or the existing keys are lost and you need a new set of keys.

Our commercial clients engage our re-keying service, as it is not uncommon that employees misplace or lose their keys. Without the keys to access their business workspaces, businesses are halted. A business lockout situation will impact on the business income for the day and as such, such situations are pressing ones. And Burien Locksmiths understands that. As highly trained professionals, the commercial locksmiths of Burien Locksmiths are well equipped with the tools and know-how in rectifying such situations. Be rest assured that they will not have any problem in working with all types of locks.

In the event that your locking system is a digital one, and you can’t gain entry to your office workspace as the combination code is missing or forgotten, or for some reason, the digital locking system is not working, you do not have to worry. Our commercial locksmiths are able to work on digital locking systems too and allow you access to your office workspace again by recovering the locking system’s security combination code.


Old locks may stop functioning as it is worn down to age, or can be susceptible to damage due to their deteriorating state. To rectify this, you may wish to engage our services to restore your old locks. Given that your locks’ function is to protect your property and assets, it is extremely important that you ensure that the locks securing your property or assets are in tip-top working condition. You can consider obtaining a professional locksmith’s service to maintain and/or repair your locks, or immediately install new locks, when your locks are no longer functioning properly.


Are you developing or renovating your commercial workspace, and intend to change out the old locks with new ones? You may consider contacting the professional locksmiths at Burien Locksmiths. Being a veteran in this field, you can be certain that you will receive the best service and professional locksmith solutions. With the vast choices of models and types of locking systems in the market, and their different installation processes, it can be very confusing and overwhelming for the average consumer. But the locksmith professionals of Burien Locksmiths are resourced with the knowledge and tools to install all types of locks.


It may be necessary for you, as a business owner, to authorize certain employees access to your workplace. It is important for you to consider the risk of the security of your workplace, which will affect your business operations and income. You may contemplate engaging the services of a substitute key expert from Burien Locksmiths to up your level of security for your workplace. To grant you authority over all access points of your workplace, the substitute key expert will create a master key for you. Your authorized employees, whom you have allowed access to your workplace’s secured locations, may only gain entry to the said locations only after you use your master key. Upon your request, the locksmith professional is also able to produce personal keys to restricted rooms which store important and classified information.

For our customers’ convenience, Burien Locksmiths offer shearing and key substitute solutions online. This online service proves to be a huge time-saver by saving you the trouble of having to deliver the keys to the locksmiths physically. Burien Locksmiths provides key cutting service for the following type of keys – keys cut according to code numbers (e.g. keys to lock boxes), furnishings, doors, master keys, high security keys and copy-protected keys.


Additional services and solutions that Burien Locksmiths can provide include:

  1. Keyless accessibility systems
  2. Master locations
  3. Insurance authorized installation
  4. Emergency restoration and even more


It is awfully late; you just long to return home for a well-deserved rest as you are completely worn out from a long day’s work. You locked up your office, get to your car in the chilly night and reach for your car keys. But, you cannot seem to find your auto keys in your bag or pockets. Panic starts to grip you as you try to search through your back and pockets more thoroughly. And then, at long last you see your car keys lying within your car. You pulled at the handle of the car door, but they are locked. You have just found yourself in a vehicle lockout situation, and have no mean to return home.

In this circumstance, you may be feeling extremely angry with yourself and may have impulsive thoughts of smashing the windowpane of your car so that you could open the car door and drive home in that split second. However, you will be putting yourself in harm’s way, and the outcome of this is that you will need to spend a great deal of money and time to replace your broken windowpane. There may be a requirement for you to leave your car with your auto repairman for the replacement of the damaged windowpane, and this in turn further trouble yourself by not having any transport to get around for those days. Furthermore, broken windowpanes will leave your vehicle at risk of being looted or stolen if it is not immediately sent for servicing.

Rather than the vexatious option above or needing to walk your way home after a tedious day of work, get in touch with your friendly vehicle locksmith for help.


We fully comprehend the frustration that you are feeling in your lockout condition, and henceforth the emergency locksmith master will try as much as he can to respond to your call as quick as possible. Our locksmith professionals have the adequate instruments and skills to extricate you out of this fix. Lockout occasions will become non-issues to you with our friendly locksmith’s prompt response and sensible charges. Being highly skilled and experienced, the locksmith master can unlock the locks at the speediest time. Henceforth minimizing the inconvenience that comes with the lockout.


The locksmiths at Burien Locksmiths offer key duplication administration for your auto. Replicating your vehicles’ key licenses you to have an extra key as a standby, so you can keep such a lockout condition from happening again later on. We highlyrecommend duplicating your car key for a spare, as having an extra key is will prove to be handier and cost friendly over the long term as opposed to securing the services of a locksmith professional each and every time you wind up in a lockout situation. Particularly in times when you are running late for an urgent meeting, having an additional arrangement of keys can be a life saver. You could go ahead and attend your appointments as scheduled instead of stripping your room down for your lost keys.

In the event that the lost keys couldn’t be found at a later time, you could then duplicate the keys for another extra set with no huge impedance to your plans for the day. With this arrangement, you require not whine that you won’t have an auto to drive if you lose your key.


On the off chance that you have lost your auto keys, or suspect that an individual may have a copy of your auto keys, do not brush them off as non-issues.Do not take any chance with your wellbeing and the security of your auto. For such situations, you may wish to consider (6) Locksmith’s re-key service. Burien Locksmiths will issue you another key to unlock your car and start its engine, and you can rest better with the fact that your vehicle is safe. As opposed to taking a chance with your vehicle plundered or stolen, consequently bringing about you having to buy a new vehicle; having your vehicle’s motor re-keyed is, irrefutably, a less expensive option.

In the event that you end up in a lockout condition, do not lose your cool. For a minor charge, the locksmith experts will be with you at the briefest time conceivable upon your call, and they will give their best to help you. In no time, you can continue with your schedule for the day.


It is extremely crucial to have locks in place in the event that you want to secure your belongings. There is requirement for distinctive sorts of locks as the level of security is not the same for different properties. For example, the necessities of locks for household purpose are not exactly the same to locks for business reason. Accordingly, the kind of lock for every circumstance will be by and large diverse.

If you go up against any issue with your lock systems, be it loss of key to your security framework or repair of your broken locks, you would need to approach the services of a locksmith. Locksmith experts at Burien Locksmiths can issue you the best guidance.


Be guaranteed that that your assets and assets are secured within your home by investing in effective locks to secure your home. Heighten the level of security inside your home by verifying that your cupboard locks are working also. Burien Locksmiths has a big range of top quality locks you can choose from.


Burien Locksmiths offers re-key service. You may engage this service when you have outdated locks in a house that you have acquired recently. In such circumstances, the locks may be broken; hence keys may not fit into them. Or perhaps, the old locks might still be working, but the keys to them have turned rusty. In such a circumstance, you may just require new keys to the old locks. Other than re-key service, Burien Locksmiths can repair old locks.

The locksmiths from Burien Locksmiths will test the keys to the locks in the house. In case there are a couple keys lost, they will make new keys for the said locks. If you require extra keys for back up, you will need to supply your set of keys to the locksmith for duplication. However, if your key is lost and there is original key to duplicate from, the locksmith will need to draw from his experience to make the new key to the lock. The locksmith experts at Burien Locksmiths is exceedingly skilled and qualified in providing this service and you will be more-than-satisfied at their services.


The locksmiths from Burien Locksmiths would recommend repairing malfunctioning locks as opposed to replacing them with new bolts,if the current malfunctioning locks are of good quality and can provide reasonable security once they are repaired, The locksmiths prioritize your security concerns, and will only suggest the substitution of the locking mechanism if it is out of date and can’t be repaired.


Burien Locksmiths can propose to you the most suitable lock for your home, and will set it up and ensure that the lock works to your expectation if that you need to put in new security system or change out old locks for your home or property.

As the locksmiths are responsible for the entire installation process for the lock frameworks, they see the imperative need for them to be well acquainted with the various lock security requirements for different purposes, and be knowledgeable with all sorts of security systems in the market. This is so that they are capable to give you the best proposition and service subsequent to considering your security concerns.


Securing your home only at its entrance is not enough. Especially if you intend to totally secure your home,your fence, basements and storerooms all need security systems also. After a discussion on the nature of assets and/or possessions you want protected, Burien Locksmiths can recommend you the most proper locking framework according to your security needs. Case in point, a moving door lock framework may be suggested for the garage, while just a basic lock is required for the storage shed.

Locks can be beautiful features on your doors other than for their security functions. In the event that your home and doors are built according to a certain style, you may want the locks on your doors to match the design so they don’t look bizarrely out of place. The locksmith will promise that while the adjusted locks fit the aesthetic style of your home, the level of security of your home will in no way be compromised.


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