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Locksmith Astoria

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Astoria Locksmith

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Welcome to Locksmith Astoria

Locksmith Astoria is a full time locksmith service that covers the entire areas of Ditmars Steinway, Astoria, Woodside and Jackson Heights. We provide our customers with high quality locksmithing products and services to ensure that all needs in this regard are absolutely satisfied. No matter how tricky or weird the request is, we can take care of any locksmith job you commend us. We love to see our clients happy and with that relaxing feeling of safety and comfort.

We are part of the community

The criminality rate in Astoria is significantly lower than the nationwide average. However, the whole Queen area´s rate for crimes against property is significantly higher than you find in the whole New York State. This makes our city a place with high chances of becoming a victim of a property crime. The most common property crimes in our area are car theft and burglary.

In ZipLocksmith Astoria all the staff members feel this city as our home, we are deeply committed to give our neighbors a sensation of security when driving, at home or in their workplace. We want to become the first line of defense against crime, and we make all the adjustments necessary to adapt our services to your financial plan. We have a deep community sense, and we are determined to reduce these numbers by promoting a prevention culture and the utilization of high quality locks and security systems.

We provide technology

The locksmith business is not static. There is a continuous advance in the security field, and a true specialist is one who can keep up with said advance and offer the latest products to customers. Here at Locksmith Astoria we fulfill this requisite entirely. We have all sorts of high tech locks, of all brands such as American Locks, Chubb, Hayman, Era, Schlage, Union, Gardall, Yale, among others. We provide a wide range of security systems that can be connected to your smartphone, so you can operate electronic locks, cameras, alarms and even adjust your lights!

Vehicle Lock mastery

Physical security of your car, truck, bus or any vehicle is one of our specialties. When it comes to make reparations of any kind, our service is unmatched. Locksmith Astoria offers the residents of our city transponder key reprograming and duplication. We can even install new security hardware in your car for better protection of your important documents or fire arms. Of course, we also offer a really fast emergency car service, available 24 hours a day and every day, and we perform every corrective measure on the roadside.

Your home is safe with us

There is no place like our home. And with all these burglaries happening in our neighborhoods, it is clear that we must do some adjustments in our locks and perhaps consider additional safety measures. ZipLocksmith has the answer for the security problem. We can provide you reasonable solutions at very fair prices. If you hire us, we will arrive to your home to make a full inspection that will serve as a starting point for your security plan. There are some issues that must be taken into account, the number of access routes to your home, your specific location and others. Once we have analyzed your situation and decided a course of action, the experts of Locksmith Astoria will begin to install, rekey or repair locks for your home; perform high security door installations for those houses with bigger risk of being burglarized, secure your windows using new locks or even security bars, enhance your gate security as well your mailbox and garage locking systems. Additionally we can install a motion sensor system that activates a video recording device and many kinds of alarms. We will suggest only what is good for you from our professional perspective; we will never make you spend more money than you need.

We support Astoria’s businesses

ZipLocksmith believes business security is a far different field when compared with home and vehicle security. A business facility is a reunion point for lots of people, and this fact makes business owners want to control the activity and access of their employees and visitors. There is also an extensive list of security regulations that must be met in order to be legally allowed to operate, as well as a lot of recommended measures to enhance the protection of sensitive areas and corporate information. At Locksmith Astoria we have a deep understanding of these concerns and we work very hard to individualize every business to discover the unique combination of security systems and devices they require to have an optimal level of safety. In this sense, we provide the latest technologies of access control systems with a variety of data entry mechanisms, high tech doors capable to resist even the break-in attempts of “professional” burglars, alarm systems, CCTV systems, and the traditional services of rekeying, master keying, lock replacement and general troubleshooting.

Is it an emergency? Fear not, we are coming!

Lockouts are some kind of nightmare that we somehow believe never will happen to us. But they do happen. Luckily, if you are reading this, there will be no more reasons to fear, because you will call Locksmith Astoria and we will definitely go anywhere you are to rescue you. The good thing about our emergency service is that we perform any corrective process right on the spot. We have fully equipped mobile units that can carry even heavy machinery to deliver a complete restoration of your life normality. It doesn’t matter how bad the situation look, trust us, we can fix it. We will fix it.

We are ALOA certified

Locksmith Astoria is the most reliable name in the locksmithing business in Queens. We have been approved by the American Locksmith Association (ALOA) to perform all levels of locksmithing work in residential, commercial and automotive matters. The certification process is very hard, and consists in a series of examinations and tests to ensure the grade of knowledge necessary to achieve the highest quality standards. The ALOA representatives visit us frequently and teach our technicians about the new breakthroughs in the industry. All our trainees are required to pass the ALOA tests in order to be allowed to work, and they are always accompanied by a senior locksmith when they start.

We want to know about you

Any questions? Need some locksmith work done on your home or business? Or are you reading this while being locked out of your car in the middle of nowhere? Give us a call right away, at Locksmith Astoria our lovely customer service staff will be waiting for you to provide you with answers and solutions to any problem you may have in this complicated but fascinating world of locks and keys.

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