Reactive security is not the best way to keep your family or business safe. Avoiding security breaches require a preemptive posture that helps you assess your vulnerabilities and reduce the risks. A comprehensive security consultant will help you evaluate the weak spots in your home or business security, and will enable you to make informed decisions to protect your family, your office and your employees. Consulting an expert is the best way to know what you really need to improve the security of your home or organization.

Security Consultation

About Our Security Consultants

The only way to know the best solutions for your specific security needs is to seek the advice of experts in the field. Our certified experts at Zip Locksmiths are trained to meet the latest standards and protocols of the industry, making them the only reliable and up-to-date consultants for the Washington State. They are customer oriented, meaning that they maintain strict working ethics while guaranteeing total customer privacy.

Our Consultation Process

After you get in touch with us, one of our experts will go right where you are and perform an exhaustive assessment of your home or business security. This will help him give you a detailed report with the vulnerabilities and possible threats you might encounter in the future. We will then present the best solutions based on the expert´s assessment and your present needs, always taking your budget into account. This process ensures that we always deliver a service specially tailored to the client´s needs.

Homes and Business service

Residential and commercial environments have different needs when it comes to security services. Most security solutions like access control systems have different features when they focus on residential or commercial use. For example, security solutions focused on residential use are smaller and blend into the environment, while commercial security solutions are sturdier and have more features, but are usually harder to conceal. Our on-site assessments help us evaluate which solution is better for your particular home or business, so you can make an informed decision regarding the safety of your family and employees.

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