You never know who can be knocking at your door. Maybe unwanted solicitors, or unknown individuals. It is always good to be able to know who is at your doorstep before you open your door. Intercoms are the best and more reliable way to make sure you only open your door to those you trust. Technology has progressed over the last 30 years, and now there is a wide array of intercoms available for your residence or business, giving you enough flexibility to adapt them to your own particular needs. Only Professional locksmiths in Washington can give you their expert advice on the best intercom solutions for your home or business.



Intercoms have always been a reliable way to communicate with the front door of your home or business, allowing you to know who is at the door before opening. Our specialists offer installation of the latest Intercom models for your residence, your business or any institution in the Washington area. We work with the most solid brands of the market, including Apple Core, Aiphone, Newton, Doorking, Linear and many more. We guarantee quality audio and video, and maximum functionality in all our Intercom sets. The experts at Zip Locksmith are always ready to assist you and help you find the Intercom that best satisfies your security needs.


No matter where you are anywhere in Washington, our experts will be there with our best selection of products and the right tools, ready to install your brand new Intercom system. They will bring the most state-of-the-art systems and will give you a complete assessment of your security needs to help you choose the appropriate intercom. Our cost-effective installation service guarantees that the locksmiths will not leave the premises until the system is fully functional and you have been instructed on how to use your system. Our experts are always there if you have any further questions about your Intercom or any other issue. You can also stop by our store and check out our newest systems any time.


Zip Locksmith is always there to offer you:

  • The best Intercom systems selection in the market.
  • Expert technicians, specially trained to install and service the most up-to-date Intercom systems.
  • Seamless installation of the master station and all the substations your property requires.
  • Service and maintenance of your Intercom system.
  • Precise instructions on Intercom usage.

Consult our experts about your specific needs. Wireless systems are easier to install, but if you need a wired installation through the phone line, they will find the best way to do it without leaving exposed cables.

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