Doors are the gateways to your home and the ones that control the flow inside your residence. When they are in perfect condition, doors help you move freely in and out of every room in your house. They also help you save energy if they fit perfectly into their frames. A damaged door interrupts the flow of your home, and a door that is not properly sealed can increase the costs of heating and cooling. Here at Zip Locksmith we have a great variety of interior and exterior doors, offering a huge selection of styles, materials, shapes and sizes.



Apart from being the first line of protection your home or office have, your front door is also one of the first things people notice when they go to your place. We have a great selection of styles and colors, and we are sure you will find one that perfectly matches your personality and your safety needs. We offer storm doors, closet doors, sliding doors, and French doors. Our selection also includes doors made of different materials to match the architecture of your home or building.


Our specialists  are always available to help you choose the kind of door your home or business needs. They know the features of every door style and material and can help you choose among the best alternatives for your front or interior doors. In case you don´t find what you have in mind, we can order it for you from the most renowned manufacturers in the country or abroad. Once your decision is made, our expert locksmiths will take the measures of your door frames to make sure your new doors will fit perfectly. We guarantee a quick and efficient installation process. We can also repair or service your damaged doors.


You can be sure that at Zip Locksmith you will find:

  • The widest variety of styles and materials for your front or interior doors.
  • The best advice to help you choose the door you need for your residence or commerce.
  • Experienced professionals who can install, repair and service your doors.
  • A 24/7 door repair emergency line.

We know we cannot foresee when a door is going to get damaged. We offer an emergency service in case your door needs immediate reparation. Call us anytime of the day and our locksmith will go to your house or office and fix your door, or provide you with a temporary solution if it needs to be replaced.

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