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Sometimes it is difficult to be in charge of a property. Zip Locksmith will gladly give you a hand. We understand there is a huge necessity to keep your building and its residents safe. Our company provides numerous of services since we are experienced when it comes to all security aspects. We offer Locksmith, Welding, Access Control, Carpentry, and Overhead Garage Door services.

We are happy to find ways to secure your property and more than happy to discuss them with you. Should you wish to meet us; give us a call and we will set an appointment. We offer exclusive services to all residential buildings in Washington. Our locksmiths work closely with supervisors or building managers and we are currently working with over 40 management companies. Our building management services provide locksmith and maintenance solutions for every residential unit. We want to make sure that your building is being managed properly to provide a safe and secure environment for your residents.

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