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When you need to know who can access certain areas of your facilities, you may need to acquire the latest Access Control system for your business. These modern and reliable devices can give you the power to limit the access to certain areas and decide when they can be accessed. Size does not matter for us. Here at Zip Locksmith we offer the most up-to-date Access Control solutions for venues of any size. If you´re looking to increase the safety of a corporate or institutional building with thousands of visitors and layers of security, or simply install a discrete safety measure for a vital room in your own residence, contact us and we will have the perfect solution for your needs.



Keys are no longer the only way to gain access to your property or business. As technology progresses, security systems become safer and more reliable. Zip Locksmith always try to be one step ahead when it comes to security technology. From keypads programmed with access codes, to magnetic readers for access cards and biometric readers. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the latest advancements in access equipment and tools, and are willing to explain how they work if you have any questions. Keep your home, office, or any vital space safe with our newest safety products and services. Start living in the 21st century and get your state-of-the-art keyless access control.


Get in contact with our experts at our store to order the newest access control system the market can offer. Our certified experts will install it for you without a problem, following the latest security protocols and standard procedures. They can install almost any existing security access control system for almost any environment. Residential houses or apartments, office buildings, commercial venues, and even government, financial, health and educational institutions. We offer free assessment of your home or working environment, and give you the best advice so you can rest assured you will get the security system that best suits your needs. Our experts at Zip Locksmith will install it for you in no time and without a hassle, and will not leave your premises until you are satisfied and know how to take advantage of all the functions and features.


Do not hesitate to contact us to get:

  • The most up-to-date keyless access control systems.
  • Certified experts at your disposition to help you choose the best system for your environment.
  • Speedy and cost-effective installation, upgrade and maintenance services.
  • Free advice and consultation.

Our wide array of keyless systems provide you with the best tools to have complete control over the access to vital areas of your home or working environment. This offers the highest degree of safety customization, specifically tailored to your needs and those of your business.

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